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Guidance note on Report

To obtain maximum benefit from this report we recommend that you should read it thoroughly before proceeding with the purchase of the vehicle.

Whilst all reasonable care has been taken, the inspection of the vehicle described in this report is visual and external. The Inspector is unable to accept responsibility for failure to identify defects not present or apparent at the time of the inspection.

The inspection covers those items listed, however, it must be noted that no dismantling, removal or inspection of any parts has been undertaken. Minor body repairs of a cosmetic nature, which have been repaired to a satisfactory standard, have not been commented upon.

Minor fair wear and tear issues, which have been worn to satisfactory standard, have not been commented upon based on where minor defects you should accept that it is a used vehicle unless you mentioned specifics for inspector in notes when placed a booking.

The Inspector is unable to verify the accuracy of the odometer reading. An unbiased opinion will be given. If you would like to carry out further investigation it will require a visit to the vehicles Main Dealer confirm the authenticity of the reading to ascertain if a manipulation has taken place. However, the seller needs to satisfy themselves before offering for sale that they have carried out reasonable checks to make sure the mileage is genuine.

In the event of dissatisfaction or complaint the CarExamer.com reserve the right to re-examine the vehicle prior to any rectification being made.

Trolley jack and plastic ramps will be used to allow inspection of the Underbody. If for any reason the Inspector is unable to inspect the Underbody, an explanation will be given in the report.

Left (N/S) and right (O/S) are as viewed sitting in the driver’s seat.

The inspection is of the vehicles condition is of that time and not a guarantee against defects arising in the future and this report in no way constitutes any form of guarantee or warranty.

A copy of the CarExamer.com Terms & Conditions is available here.

Thank you for choosing CarExamer.com vehicle inspection services we hope you received amazing service. We’d like to tell you our job here is to give you all the time and all the information you desire so you can make the best decision buying used car. For complaints start resolution process. Contact us, chat with us, email: info[at]carexamer.com, Tel. 02033717733 we are here for you.

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