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When you find the vehicle you love, and are thinking of buying, you’ll need to be in contact with the vendor before you can book your vehicle inspection.

The more you can find out beforehand, the better. Find out about the mileage, MOT, bodywork and tax. Ask about the condition of the car, and where and when it was last serviced. If possible, find out the name of the garage and verify with them they completed the work as described.

The more you can find out beforehand, the better. Find out about the mileage, MOT, bodywork and tax. Ask about the condition of the car, and where and when it was last serviced. If possible, find out the name of the garage and verify with them they completed the work as described.

Check whether the service history is available, along with the owners’ manual, radio code, locking nut and any dealer history.

When buying used cars, many of our customers will use online searches to compare vehicles with a similar history, to sense check the asking price. This can give a good overall sense of what the vehicle is worth, but it is only with a complete inspection from our qualified inspectors that you can be absolutely sure about the vehicle’s condition and value.

CarExamer is committed to providing all the information you need to quickly decide on used car purchases, reducing the risks involved and putting you in the best position to negotiate the right price.

Before booking an inspection with CarExamer, you must have the permission of the vendor, and agreement on suitable times and dates. For premium checks, the vendor must also give permission for a diagnostic check. Our inspectors will need full access to the car, and enough fuel for a short road test.

Inform the vendor that for the inspection, we will need:

  • Permission for a short road test
  • Permission for a diagnostic check, if applicable
  • Inspection without a road test, if no MOT is available
  • Access to the vehicle at a location off the highway, on a hard, level surface
  • Vehicle service history
  • Registration certificate (VO5)
  • Owners’ manual
  • Both car keys

No. The beauty of our service is that you can trust our qualified inspectors to fully assess the vehicle, saving you time and travel expenses. After the inspection, you receive a full report by email, with the option to further discuss with the inspector if appropriate.

  • Basic inspection: 40-60 minutes
  • Standard inspection: 60-90 minutes
  • Premium inspection: 120-150 minutes (May take longer for supercars)

We always recommend a full vehicle history check prior to inspection for full peace of mind. Vehicle history checks are available from our partners.

If you need to contact the DVLA prior to booking your vehicle inspection, you can do so by calling 0870 240 0010

No, our inspections do not come with a warranty, as is standard practice. The purpose of the inspection is to give the customer an honest reflection of the state of the vehicle, the condition, items needing attention or repair, a repair estimate and overall summary.

Yes. All our inspectors are verified, and we only accept qualified mechanics with over 5 years’ experience. Our customer review process helps us to ensure our standards remain high. We also use mystery shopping to periodically check our inspectors are operating to our high standards.

No. Payments are reserved at the time of booking, but funds are only released to our inspectors once the full inspection has been completed. The process works in a similar way to making a hotel reservation – you only pay once you have received the service. All our payments are securely processed online through our internationally recognised payment provider, Stripe.

Yes. Within the UK, all our inspectors charge uniform rates for our inspections. The majority of inspectors on our platform are not VAT registered, so in most cases there is no VAT to add. Where VAT is applicable, this is included in the final rate you pay.

If you need a VAT receipt, please add this request in the Notes to inspector part of your booking. We will ensure that only VAT registered inspectors are used for your booking, subject to availability in your area.

No. All our inspectors need is good access to the vehicle on a hard, flat surface with enough space to open the doors and inspect the vehicle from all sides. We are confident that our inspection process is the most effective way to inspect a car.

The most valuable components in the car are the powertrain of the vehicle, the engine, exhaust system, transmission, drive shaft, suspension and wheels. Our inspectors complete a dynamic road test first to check for any unusual noises, suspension issues, performance issues or driveability concerns. As experienced professionals, this allows us to identify any concerns early. This is followed by a diagnostic check, and only then does the inspector complete the vehicle checks.

With our inspection process, you can be confident that we will identify any concerns with the vehicle, allowing you to make your choice based on the facts.

We work with a wide range of qualified inspectors. Some do specialise in certain brands of car, although all of our inspectors are chosen for their ability to work well across ALL brands. If you would like a brand specialist for your inspection, please contact us by email to arrange this.

Our mission is to make high quality inspections available to everyone wishing to buy a used car, at a reasonable price. Because we do not have the same overheads as some of the more established providers of a similar service, we are able to keep things simple and keep our prices low.

Using our simple, and effective booking platform, we are able to simplify the process for both customers and inspectors so that everyone benefits.

When you enter your address, our system will advise whether an inspector is available for your area. We are always expanding our coverage, both nationwide and internationally.

Our system will automatically create an account for you when you make your first booking, so there is no need to set it up separately. From your account you can manage all your vehicle inspections.

Our inspections do not need to take place in a dedicated workshop. Inspectors are equipped with plastic wheel ramps and trolley jacks to allow full access to the vehicle. For low-riding sports cars, the car will be jacked sideways and checked from the side. All the inspector needs is enough room on all sides of the vehicle.

Sometimes, you just can’t wait! We can accommodate same-day inspections. The earlier in the day you book, the more likely our inspectors are to be able to accommodate a same day booking, so it pays to act early. We usually allow a 4 hour window to confirm appointments with our inspectors. If your chosen time slot is not available, our system will recommend suitable alternative availability.

If a vendor does not allow a vehicle inspection, our recommendation would be to consider not buying from them. A seller with nothing to hide should have no objections to a vehicle inspection.

We are experts in providing reasonably priced, professional vehicle inspections, saving you time and money when buying used cars. Using only highly qualified inspectors, we offer a trustworthy and reliable service which is simple and easy to use.

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