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Booking Process

Yes. If you need to reschedule the same inspection for a different time and date just send us an email and are happy to make the changes you need.

If the vehicle you looking to inspect is no longer available, or your circumstances change, simply cancel the booking through your account and book a new inspection.

Yes! Remember, the earlier you book during the day the more likely it is that we'll be able to get you booked the same day.

We allow a 4-hour window from the time of making the booking, to allow time to find a suitable inspector and schedule the appointment.

When you select your inspection time, we recommend selecting a range of times your vendor is available, to allow the inspector greater flexibility in planning your appointment. 

Absolutely! Our platform allows you to book 5 inspections in one booking and get up to a 20% discount for multiple consecutive inspections booked at the same location on the same day. You can also book up to 5 inspections in one booking in different locations. However, this could mean five different inspectors attending depending on location.

Yes. A re-inspection is charged at the basic inspection rate for the vehicle type you initially booked.

When making a booking for a re-inspection, please describe in the Notes for Inspector section that you need a re-inspection, which jobs needed to be carried out, and what has been found wrong.

Please direct any questions or notes to our customer service team, we will keep your inspector informed at all times.

Click to contact us: Contact Us

You can book any inspection up to two months in advance.

You will receive booking confirmation right away. Once an Inspector is confirmed for your job, you will receive a separate Inspector confirmation. Our main priority is to secure your inspector for the time you made your inspection booking.

If you are unsure which inspection you need to book, see details of what is included in our pricing table. We offer basic, standard and premium inspections.

If you have not received your booking confirmation email, please check your spam folder first before contacting us. In the rare circumstances that your confirmation has not been sent, we are happy to resend all details of your booking, please contact us on email.

After making a booking you will always receive an email from us with the subject “Thank you for ordering with CarExamer.com”. This means your booking has been successfully received and we are working towards placing it with one of the inspectors on our platform.

Once one of the inspectors on the platform has confirmed availability, you will receive a further email confirming that your booking has been scheduled with one of the inspectors.

Not instantly. Upon placing a booking, the request for booking will be sent to inspectors in your area. Once we have confirmed availability with our inspectors, your booking will be placed as requested.

For same day bookings you will receive your confirmation normally within 3 hours from placing the booking with us. For bookings scheduled in advanced, this might take 24-hours so please be patient - we work hard to confirm all bookings as quickly as possible. Remember, you only will be charged when your inspection is complete.

We think simple is best. You can cancel your inspection booking at any time free of charge from your CarExamer account if circumstances change. We make a small charge of £60 to cancel any inspection booking with less than 4 hours’ notice, as we are unable to reallocate that inspector’s time to another booking.

Please see our full Terms

You can cancel booking any time you like. When an inspector has started the vehicle inspection upon the specified vehicle(s), you will be charged for full booking cost already incurred. Also, please see our Terms

Having received the booking confirmation via email, we will keep you up-to-date through all the inspection process where necessary. See our How It Works section for all the information you need about the process. Our Inspectors research and familiarize themselves with the car wherever possible in advance.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to change this through your account. Please send your booking details to our booking team and we will make the change for you. Contact Us

Please send your booking details to our booking team and we will manually amend your booking for you.  Contact Us

If you already have an account with us, you can change your email address in the account details section.

You can change your phone number in your CarExamer account under the account details section.

If you make a mistake, just email us with the correct information and we will make the changes to your booking, no problem. Contact Us

We sorry to hear that! Don’t worry, just simply cancel the whole booking from your account and start again – it’s easy as 1 2 3.

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