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Yes, in some instances we understand that things can change, and an inspector can’t hold an appointment at the time agreed initially. The inspector will contact you and the vendor to arrange a new time if you are happy to. If the new time suggested is not satisfactory, then inspector will contact us and we will cancel the booking for you free of charge.

As a matter of courtesy, we do ask inspectors to carry a means of identification with them when visiting customers, to reassure customers who they are. This is not compulsory, but most of our inspectors are happy to do so.

In the extremely unlikely event that this happens, please get in touch with us immediately and let this be our problem. Please Contact Us

Where necessary, and if the inspector asks for the key, the vendor should consider leaving the keys with the inspector. The inspector might otherwise not be able to carry out his work as planned. Inspectors are insured with trade and public liability insurance.

Every inspector has a trade insurance which allows them to road test any vehicle.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that inspector is running late due to traffic or another job taking longer than scheduled. We always ask the inspectors on our platform to communicate with you and vendor directly should there be any issues. Let us handle it for you get in touch with us we will get it done for you. Contact Us

In the extremely unlikely event this happens, don’t worry - let us handle it for you. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that an inspector cannot hold the appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case, we expect the inspector to communicate this to us as soon possible, this will enable us to find you a new inspector.

We work hard to make sure this never happens. If you are unhappy with the inspection, please try to resolve the concern with the individual inspector where possible using our resolution center..

If you cannot reach an agreement with the Inspector, you may ask CarExamer team to step in and help resolve the concern. We will investigate and make a decision on the best solution, based on the information provided by both sides.

If the car doesn’t have a valid MOT, we will still carry out the inspection, but will not be able do the road test. If the car doesn’t start, the Inspector will carry out as much of the inspection as possible, including possible reasons for the failure. Findings will be included in the report and you will still be charged for the inspection. We always advise customers to get familiar with:

  • Guidance notes on report

  • Guidance notes on inspection

Let us handle it for you get in touch with us we will get it done for you. Contact Us

Also, please see our Terms

After your inspection is completed and charged by the inspector, you can leave a review for the inspector once you are happy with your inspection report. All reviews made by customers are available to the public at Inspector Reviews

You will also receive our follow-up email from google reviews to help us build trust online. Please share your experience - positive or negative – it’s important to us to be the best.

In the unlikely event that this happens, please ask the vendor to deal directly with the inspector in the first instance. If the issue can’t be resolved, please contact us directly, and we will launch an investigation to resolve the matter.

Get in touch here: Contact Us

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