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Here is why CarExamer is already leading the UK’s vehicle inspection service in such a short time since the operation began and why we’re operating across the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and the British Isles too. We offer comprehensive used car inspections at industry-leading prices no matter what customers are looking for, from Motorhome inspections and classic car inspections to luxury and supercar inspections, and with different levels of inspection packages to suit all customer needs, it’s easy to find one that suits customers best. Customer reviews already place CarExamer’s used car inspection service in the leading position in the UK.

At CarExamer.com our vision is simple – to improve the used car buying experience and to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decisions when buying a used car, speeding up the process and saving you money.


Inspectors guarantee that all our inspections are carried out impartially with due care and thoroughness; that our reports and opinion are unbiased and completely independent. While our inspections are extremely detailed and meticulous, a certain unpredictable risk of deeply hidden defects still exists. Unfortunately, they cannot be assessed without the full disassembly of a vehicle or specific components and carrying out some further investigation which is outside of the scope of the inspection. Please remember that all checks reveal the inspected element’s condition up to a certain reasonable degree and involve probabilistic matters by nature. Due to the above, inspectors do not carry any liabilities with respect to any existing or future defects that might happen to the inspected vehicle, and inspectors do not provide a warranty against defects or failures. The report contents should be treated as an accurate and fair description of vehicle defects to the best of our knowledge following a comprehensive list of checks.

With accredited technicians (inspectors) and fair pricing, we put you back in control, making affordable pre-purchase inspections available to everyone.


  • All inspections are Guaranteed*
  • We have extended warranty packages available to protect you from future breakdowns
  • We have a very high reputation in the trade and we are highly respected; all inspectors are fully insured. We’re not just an online market place our passion is transparency in used vehicle purchasing
  • We work with handpicked individuals only who are the best at what they do with high ethical standards and extreme professionalism. Fully qualified professional technicians are our minimum standard
  • We offer a personal approach to every vehicle inspection carried out by inspectors. We have developed a blueprint and internal set standards so every inspection carried out by inspectors has the same completion process according to the selected inspection package
  • Our inspector's priority is to protect you and made you aware of potential issues with the vehicle and provide you an understanding of the overall vehicle condition and potential repair costs so you can make the best decision
  • Our booking process is simple, clear and transparent
  • Full Control of your booking from your account for any updates on the inspection and have a communications dashboard with the inspector
  • Find out inspection early results while the inspector is filling out the report it’s a Sneak-peak of the inspection process while the inspector is capturing the vehicle's condition get a sense of the condition of the vehicle before the inspection is fully complete
  • Report available in 3-5 hours from starting inspection depending on the inspection type selected. All reports are available securely in your account
  • Choose the level of inspection that suits you – engineers report, basic, standard or premium
  • No age limit on vehicles inspected
  • Save 20% when you book multiple car inspections at the same address
  • Free cancellations, before 4 hours of appointment time after 2 hours full amount
  • Enjoy customer loyalty discounts- After the first completed inspection- 1st Inspection 5% discount, 2nd Inspection 7% discount, 3rd Inspection 10% discount, 4th Inspection 12% discount, 5th Inspection 15% discount, 6th Inspection 17% discount, 7th Inspection 20% discount
  • Fully qualified professional inspectors for a comprehensive report on your vehicle
  • No risk – pay only when the inspection is completed. We reserve your payment when you make a booking
  • Find out inspection early results while the inspector is filling out the report it’s a Sneak-peak of the inspection process while the inspector is capturing the vehicle's condition get a sense of the condition of the vehicle before the inspection is fully complete
  • Resolution centre to quickly resolve any queries

Any questions? Check our Inspection features or Sample report to see how we could save you money on your next car purchase.

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