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For Inspectors

The answer is No. We don't ask anything upfront or any monthly fees or anything in return to join our network. What we are looking for is great professionals on our platform and to help you promote your business, which will help you drive more income, and build your customer base, even if you have repair workshop.

Our mission is to change the way people buy used cars, and make pre-purchase inspections available to everyone. Our services protect car buyers from hidden surprises, and we save car buyers time and money.

We help to empower car buyers with valuable information about a vehicle\’s condition, recommendations, items needing attention, repair estimates, and a full summary before a buyer makes a final decision. We deal with car inspections to suit every budget.

We link car buyers looking for pre-purchase vehicle inspections with independent, professional inspectors, and serve our customers in the most convenient, efficient, transparent and trustworthy way.

Our inspectors are the best in the business! You have to obsessed with cars, and have a proven track record for great customer service. Attention to detail is important, as is reliability and a high standard of work.

Our inspectors have not just one customer, but two: the buyer AND the seller. Any problems or issues with the car may need to be addressed before or after the sale.

We don’t deal with cash. You will receive all payments electronically after an inspection has been completed through our secure online payment provider, Stripe. We ensure all payments are logged and transparent for all parties involved.

You can apply at For Inspector Fill out the simple form online. We review your application and will be in touch, usually within 24 hours.

We endeavour to get back to you on the same day when you submit your application, but this will ultimately depend on our inspector support team. But don't worry, you could be up and running and ready to take your first job from CarExamer.com within a couple of days!

To join the CarExamer.com network please go to: For Inspector

CarExamer takes the stress out of receiving payments. Our online payment portal Stripe will release funds to you between 5-7 days after each completed inspection.

Professional Used Car and Vehicle Inspections made Easy

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Our booking process is simple and quick, and you only pay when the inspection is complete.

Pick a date, time and location

Our network of fully qualified inspectors work nationwide at a time to suit you.

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Your full vehicle inspection report is sent immediately by email, putting you in the picture sooner