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Why You should apply CarExamer license OR franchise?

CarExamer is the #1 UK fastest growing on demand vehicle inspection and maintenance service provider. We provide the best industry service available out there offering independent mobile car inspections, car repairs and car recoveries.

OUR MISSION: CarExamer make affordable, reliable pre-purchase car inspections available to everyone, reducing the risks involved with buying a used car, saving you time and money.

We aim to empower used car buyers with all the information they need to make the best buying decisions. Using qualified, professional inspectors, we offer a convenient, professional and simple to use service.

OUR VISION: We aim to provide the most consistent, high quality car-inspection service anywhere in the world. With expert inspectors, thorough reporting and a convenient, often same day service, we are our customers’ number one choice for making buying used cars as simple as 1-2-3.

WHO WE ARE: We are experts in pre-purchase car inspections. Bringing together qualified, independent car inspectors with customers all over the world buying used cars, we are passionate about what we do. We truly believe in offering great value, and a game-changing service for both inspectors and buyers alike.

OUR FOUNDER: CarExamer was founded by Klavs Simkus. As a child of a car mechanic, Klavs has had a lifelong passion for cars. With over eighteen years’ experience working in the motor trade, his experience as a vehicle technician has given great insight into how to effectively inspect and value cars. His experience includes positions working with Bosch Dealer Network, Auto Electrician Workshop, Ford and the AA Roadside Assistance.

Klavs has a background working with all grades of car, from family saloons right through to supercars from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, M Series and Cobra. CarExamer combines this experience with a first-hand working knowledge of the car inspection industry, to benefit both customers and inspectors.

Klavs is mentored by global business leader Grant Cardone, and has a huge vision to improve the process of buying used cars all over the world. 

Founders mission:

  • Change the way how people buy used cars around the world.
  • Help millions of people to find great cars.
  • Help millions of car mechanics/car workshops/recovery drivers to earn more money.
  • Help millions of used car dealers to sell more cars.
We are obsessive about inspecting cars! Let us manage the process, so you don’t have to!

CarExamer is not just a platform, it’s a moment of great professionals across the world. We are creating a trustworthy place for customers.

We’re looking to work with individuals who are delivering outstanding service and who are proud of what they do, who want to be part of bigger moment.

We are super proud of the services we deliver to people around the world and we only work with businesses who care for people and are proud of the services they are providing too.

If you’re looking to build your own workshop, then why not join our worldwide franchise network. CarExamer is not just a platform, it’s a movement of great professionals across the world. We are a trustworthy, reliable and friendly place for customers who need our help.

We’re looking to work with individuals who are delivering outstanding service and who are proud of what they do, just like us, to help deliver more to people all across the globe.

The CarExamer.com platform guides franchisees through every aspect of running diagnostic, maintenance, mot, inspection and repair business!

Driven to dominate

As vehicle lifespans continue to climb worldwide to an all-time high of 10 years (and over in some countries), there’s room for a whole new era of car care in the car industry. The Automotive Aftermarket diagnostic, maintenance, mot, inspection and repair business industry has never been more ready because of the huge growth that’s undergoing, especially as hybrid and electrical vehicles take over. Not only are consumers purchasing more used cars, data shows that car owners are also holding onto their vehicles longer, increasing the demand for quality repairs, resales and inspections. That’s where we all come in.

CarExamer.com has launched an aggressive new franchising initiative aimed at strategically expanding our presence Worldwide.

A Franchise and Integrity

We are here to change the way people repair and buy used cars, and make car repairs and vehicle inspections available to everyone in most convenient way possible. Our services protect car buyers from hidden surprises. Saving time and money. We do everything that we can for people as its humanity what matters to us. We say we are the best and we deliver greatness to back it up.

Time Guarantee

Our standard is very high, as we work to one and done approach. Convenience for customers collections and deliveries, safe vehicle drop-off facilities, key safe places… The works.

Flexible Approach

CarExamer.com has flexible franchising, which is a way for franchisees to customise their facilities and services for different markets and investment profiles. We also offer the most franchisee friendly franchise agreements in the industry.

Our development options range from a standard two bay to an eight-bay full-service maintenance facility. Whatever options suit your needs; we’ll help you determine the optimal configuration.

What’s more, we are able to negotiate national vendor contracts at the best possible prices. It also means consumers can feel confident that we’re looking out for their vehicles, not just pushing a particular product or brand.

Outstanding Support

The CarExamer.com platform is designed to guide franchisees through every aspect of running a profitable CarExamer franchise to help us both grow. From site selection, construction and initial training to ongoing instruction, marketing, operations and purchasing, our systems provide an unparalleled level of support throughout the franchise relationship.

Regardless of your experience in automotive maintenance, we’ll provide every franchisee with essential support at every step:

  • Finding the right location for your franchise and assisting with negotiation of property leases/purchases, whether you’re building from scratch or converting an existing structure.
  • Offering intensive, hands-on training, covering all aspects of running a CarExamer Franchise, for you and all of your team members. And not just at the beginning; we provide continuous in-store training and on-going employee certification programs for the entire length of your franchise agreement.
  • Providing the support and resources of our in-house marketing department, offering extensive local marketing support through direct mail, email campaigns, website development, sponsorships and ad artwork. What’s more, your marketing fees are allowed to be invested locally at the discretion of the franchisee.
  • Supplying our industry-leading point-of-sale computer system, a powerful business management and accounting tool that enables you to monitor and improve daily operations by tracking sales data, product inventory and labour earnings-to-revenue ratio.
  • Giving you the advantage of our negotiated national account pricing for all in-center supplies and services.

Grow With Us

With industry-leading franchise operating systems, amazing support platforms and tremendous growth potential, the CarExamer.com brand represents opportunities for great individuals in the industry where best people stay together.

It’s time to capitalise on long-term growth by joining CarExamer.com worldwide expansion. With new single and multi-unit franchise and licence opportunities available across the country, we’re looking for great individuals to grow with us.

CarExamer.com franchise is not just network of great people around the world it’s a movement.

Building Franchise: CarExamer.com franchise for of running diagnostic, maintenance, mot, inspection and repair business in your already established premises under CarExamer.com brand.

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