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Payments and Refunds

We are sorry but we don’t deal with cash. We only take credit and debit cards which we take at the point of booking, to ensure you that all payments made are logged and transparent to all. Importantly, it will mean you will always have the added security of your bank's card protection.

Absolutely not! Our system works like a hotel reservation - we will reserve the booking amount on your card on the day of inspection, so we can ensure the inspector gets paid. You will only be charged after the inspection is completed.

Absolutely, in this way all payments remain transparent.

We use a secure third-party payment provider, Stripe. All card details are sent securely over an SSL encrypted link, to keep your details private. Stripe have the strictest bank-level PCI-DSS security standards for full peace of mind.

Please start the resolution process from your CarExamer account so we can help resolve an issue. We will complete a full investigation to ascertain what happened with your inspection booking, and if the issue can be resolved swiftly and satisfactorily to all parties involved. All requests for refunds are considered solely at our discretion.

If you wish to raise an issue with us, we are here for you: Contact Us; info[at]carexamer.com

The cancellation of the booking will be instantaneous, the cancellation of the pre-authorisation of the funds will depend on the processing speed of your bank. Don’t worry, we will not charge you.

If your card has been declined it could be that there is a technical issue with your card, or inadequate funds available on your card. In many cases you might have missed a digit or entered an incorrect billing address. Please try your booking again, making sure all details are correct.

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