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Elcometer 456 Paint gauge

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Technical Specification

Elcometer 456 Paint Thickness Gauge currently is the best best paint thickness gauge for professionals. In CarExamer shop we have many other paint thickness gauges available we use for car inspections and we believe they are the best in the market currently.

It gives great time savings for professionals and for used car inspectors because is invaluable to save time spent on the job. Elcometer gauges are expensive but if you are inspecting high end used cars or you own car dealership it would be perfect thickness gauge for you. You will be able to save all your vehicles in the phone apps and carry out quality controls to your professionals working for you. Smartphone application will help you keep data up to date in case you have customer complaint or for litigation purposes.

Paint thickness gauge usage in accident repair industry becomes more popular because workshop controls can keep eye on quality of work by they panel beaters, painters to demand industry standards in body repairs and increase quality of the work. Or individual professionals can track they quality of work and learn from mistakes made.

Elcometer paint thickness gauge is invaluable tool for used car inspectors, professionals in body repair and inspection industry.
Reach out to us we also can also provide you a course howto use paint thickness gauge and re-calibrate and use all the paint gauge functions.

Integral Model Options

Scale 1

Accuracy*: ±1-3% or ±2.5μm (±0.1mil)

 Resolution: 0.1μm: 0-100μm; 1μm: 100-1500μm (0.01mil: 0-5mils; 0.1mil: 5-60mils) 

Model T

Elcometer 456 Ferrous Integral


Elcometer 456 Non-Ferrous Integral

See separate gauges with

N2 PINIP™ Probe

Elcometer 456 Dual FNF Integral


Scale 2

Accuracy*: ±1-3% or ±20μm (±1.0mil)


Resolution: 1μm: 0-1mm; 10μm: 1-5mm (0.1mil: 0-50mils; 1mil: 50-200mils)

 For higher resolution & accuracy on thin coatings Scale 2 gauges can be switched to the Scale 1 mode measurement performance

Model T


Elcometer 456T Ferrous Integral

See separate gauges with

F2 PINIP™ Probe

Accuracy*: ±1-3% or ±50μm (±2.0mils)

Resolution: 1μm: 0-2mm; 10μm:2-13mm (0.1mil: 0-100mils; 1mil: 100-500mils) 

Model T


Elcometer 456T Ferrous Integral

See separate gauges with

F3 PINIP™ Probe

Separate Model Options

Model T


Elcometer 456T Dual FNF Separate


Probes are supplied separately

* Whichever is the greater
● Certificate supplied as standard



Product Features 

Paint gauge features □ Optional
Model T
Fast, accurate reading rate; 70+ readings per minute
Repeatable & reproducible measurements
Easy to use menu structure; in 30+ languages
Tough, impact, water & dust resistant; equivalent to IP64
Bright colour screen; with permanent back light
Scratch & solvent resistant display; 2.4″ (6cm) TFT
Large positive feedback buttons
USB power supply; via PC
Test certificate
2 year gauge warranty*
Automatic rotating display; 0°, 90°, 180° & 270°
Ambient light sensor; with adjustable auto brightness
Emergency light
Tap awake from sleep
Gauge software updates¹; via ElcoMaster® software
Data output

USB; to computer

Bluetooth®; to computer, Android™ & iOSǂ devices

On screen statistics

Number of readings; η

Mean (average); x

Standard deviation; ó

Highest reading; Hi

Lowest reading; Lo

Coefficient of variation; CV%

Elcometer index value²; EIV

Nominal dry film thickness; NDFT

IMO PSPC; %>NDFT, %>90

High & low limits; definable audible & visual alarms

Number above high limit;

Number below low limit;

Live reading trend graph; in batch mode
ElcoMaster® software & USB cable
Replaceable screen protectors
Protective case
Plastic transit case
Integral models; with automatic gauge switch on

Probe type; Ferrous (F), Non-Ferrous (N), Dual (FNF)³


Measurement range



Separate models; with automatic probe recognition

Probe type; Ferrous (F), Non-Ferrous (N), Dual (FNF)³


Measurement range

On-screen calibration instructions; in 30+ languages
Multiple calibration methods

Factory; resets to the factory calibration

2-point; for smooth and rough surfaces

1-point; zero calibration

Zero offset4for calibration according to ISO19840

Predefined calibration & measurement methods

ISO, SSPC PA2, Swedish, Australian

Automatic calibration; for rapid calibration
Calibration memory type; gauge (g) or gauge & batch (gb) gb
Number of batches; with unique calibrations 2,500
Calibration memories; 3 user-programmable memories
Measurement outside calibration warning
Calibration lock; with optional PIN code unlock
Delete last reading
Gauge memory; number of readings 150,000
Individual batch calibrations; sent to PC via ElcoMaster®
Limits; user definable audible & visual pass/fail warnings

Gauge (g) or gauge & batch specific (gb) limits

Date and time stamp
Batch types; normal, counted average, IMO PSPC

Navsea Mode

Batch review graph
Review, clear & delete batches
Copy batches and calibration settings
Alpha-numeric batch names; user definable on the gauge
Scan & Auto Repeat Modes; with Scan probe connected
Fixed batch size mode; with batch linking


* The Elcometer 456 is extendable within 60 days from date of purchase, free of charge, to 2 years

1 Internet connection required

2 Elcometer Index Values are used in the automotive industry to assess a coating’s overall quality; USA patent number US7606671B2

3 FNF patent number USA: 5886522

4 Zero Offset USA patent number US6243661


Technical Specification

Display information 2.4″ (6cm) QVGA colour TFT display, 320 x 240 pixels
Battery type 2 x AA dry cell batteries, rechargeable batteries can also be used
Battery life ~24 hours of continuous use at 1 reading per second5
Gauge dimensions (h x w x d) 141 x 73 x 37mm (5.55 x 2.87 x 1.46″)
Gauge weight 161g (5.68oz) including supplied batteries
Operating temperature -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Packing List Elcometer 456 gauge, calibration foils (integrals only), wrist harness, transit case (T), protective case (B, S, T), 1 x screen protectors (S, T), 2 x AA batteries, operating instructions, USB cable (S, T), ElcoMaster® software (S, T)

5 Using default settings & lithium batteries supplied, alkaline or rechargeable batteries may differ