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EOBD diagnostic reader

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OBD2, EOBD diagnostic reader

Its CarExamer eobd reader created for people and recent demands from car enthusiasts. Works rely simple from from downloadable app from iOS or Android stores. Its designed and created for car enthusiasts to make daily basics easier and not relying on the workshop guidance. You can do diy diagnostics your self and play around the live data and start to understand some basics of diagnostics. You can view here how professional diagnostic scanner looks what our inspectors are using on example.


1.Connect your diagnostic reader to the OBDII socket of your car

2.Launch the EOBD application you desire

3.Read diagnostic codes on your car for free (recommended apps Dashcommand IOS, OBDCLICK Android)


Performance gauges including engine speed, corrected vehicle speed, open/closed loop, boost/vacuum combo, acceleration, braking and torque

Fuel economy including instant fuel economy, average fuel economy, distance to empty, time to empty, fuel level %, fuel remaining, fuel flow rate gauge

Engine gauges including timing/spark advance, engine coolant temp, intake air temp, ambient air temp, manifold absolute pressure, mass air flow, fuel trims (short and long term), percent engine load, catalyst temp, fuel pressure, air/fuel ratio

Trip computer that maintains stats for up to 5 trips and includes distance traveled, fuel consumed, average fuel economy, fuel cost, elapsed time, drive time, average carbon dioxide emission rate, total carbon dioxide emission, start date and time

Emission testing allowing you to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes and know your IM readiness status

Professional skid pad showing lateral and acceleration/braking Gs with min/max indicators

OBDCLICK APP: our recommendation for android phones

FEATURES (Free without any Subscription only on android)

Visualization of engine and transmission error codes and their meaning. You will be able to deleting and confirming error codes and it will clear our engine mil light on the dashboard.  You willl be able to see some basic live data like;