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Paint Thickness Gauge: CarExamer® place for all car inspectors

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Paint Thickness Gauge: CarExamer® place for all car inspectors

Technical Specification

Thickness gauge currently is the best gauge available in the market today. In CarExamer shop we have many other paint gauges available we use the on inspections and we believe they are the best in the market currently. Its our recommended paint thickness gauge for all car inspectors in the market.


When machine polishing a car, particularly when using a Rotary polisher it is essential to know the qualities of the paintwork you’re working with.

This sophisticated tool enables the user to quickly identify body panels that have been previously repaired and repainted and to determining the depth of paint on all every day vehicles so as vintage and super cars. CarExamer paint thickness gauges are the best gauges in the market today.

Manufactured by a long established high quality electronic instrument manufacturer for the special order for CarExamer.  Because used car inspectors have to meet every day challenges in Automotive and Motor Trade and not to forget Engineering and Metal Fabrication industry. It is extremely useful tool for professionals involved with the purchase and appraisal of vehicles.


Paint Thickness Gauge sets new standards; providing reliable and accurate paint thickness measurements; helping used car inspectors getting more efficient.

 Paint gauge are is ideal for single handed usage as the wide footprint of the internal probe provides greater stability during coating thickness measurement. Provides consistent, repeatable and accurate paint thickness readings around body work surfaces.


With a reading rate of 90 readings per minute. Paint Thickness Gauge inspect more bodywork panels in less time.

Key features of the gauge is as follows:


  • Large buttons ideal for gloved hands
  • Super easy menu
  • High contrast lcd display all readings sent on your phone app
  • High and low reading limit indicators
  • Factory calibrated for immediate use
  • No time delay when when connecting with Bluetooth device


  • Fast reading rate of 70+ per minute, 140+ per minute with Scan probe (reach us out if you like to add scan probe)
  • Multiple calibration memories
  • User selectable calibration methods
  • USB and Bluetooth® data output to iPhone* or Android™ devices

The importance of Coating Thickness Gauge Calibration

CarExamer offers a comprehensive range of certified foils together with zero test plates to ensure the most smooth and accurate readings as possible.

Get the best performance from the CarExamer paint thickness gauge and make the best use of the gauge’s ±3% accuracy by super easy calibration process to suit the application.

*Compatible with IOS and Android smart phones.


Features & Benefits:

1.Thickness measurement using Magnetic Method to measure the non-magnetic coating on a magnetic metal substrate.

2.Single-point or two-point method could be used to correct probe system deviation, in order to ensure the accuracy of the device in the process of measuring.

3.Power voltage by USB 5V or 2 AA batteries (AA)

4.Speaker beep while operating.

5.Power-off automatically when idle; manually power-off available.

6.Negative display function to ensure the accuracy of zero point calibration.

7.Ultra-low power consumption, less than 10 μA in standby mode.

8.Operation method: Graphic menu button operation

9.Human-computer interaction: buttons, backlight dot matrix screen, light, buzzer

10.Data transfer: USB, Bluetooth

11.PC software: Windows PC, Android App , iOS App

Box Contains:

  • Gauge (ready to use)
  • Plastic case for secured storage
  • User manual
  • AA batteries x 2
  • Calibration check pieces (aluminium & steel) x 2
  • Thickness check foils x 4

Metric Measurement:

  • Micrometre (µm) – also known as micron 1 µm = 1/1000mm
  • Imperial measurement: mil – also known as thou 1 mil = 1/1000 inch
  • Conversion: 1 mil / thou = 25.4 microns / micrometre (µm)



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