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Diagnostic tools are essential for any car work, and we have a huge selection here at CarExamer to make sure that you’re kitted out with whatever you need. Whether you’re a veteran car inspector yourself needing the best tools that money can be for your high quality work or even just someone who wants to take better care of their car, we have the best tools you could ever need.

We deliver all of these tools straight to your door too to make sure that you have the diagnostic tools that you need no matter where you are. From paint thickness gauges through to lamps and battery testers, we have the works. All of our products are designed to be the best in their field and are setting the industry standard as world class equipment.

Take up your mechanical game to a whole new level and keep your work standard to the highest it could ever be. Maximise your potential and be a cut above the rest all by having the right tools for the job. It makes more of a difference than most people realise. Don’t be one of them.

All of our products have free UK delivery.


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