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Wristband 3 Pack

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If you love cars then why not brighten your day with these wristbands, they sure will be exactly what you need! These mixed coloured silicone wristbands come in a set of three all with showing your support and love for cars through CarExamer. Show your love for cars with this super stylish and classic silicone wristband look that everyone will be wanting. Show these wristbands off to your family and friends to show you how you really feel about cars. They are super comfy and soft touch which is a bonus!

Silicone wristband- one size fits all- adult and junior sizes available. the material is 100% high quality silicone with debossed text around the bracelet.

Package: x 3 wristbands- 100% Silicone and toxic free – easy to take off and on.

Colours: yellow, orange & black

Yellow Silicone wristband: #car#life#race

Orange Silicone wristband: Never stop #120mph

Back Silicone wristband: Beast mode never quit.

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