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Interested in joining CarExamer?

We are looking for vehicle inspectors to cover every UK city. If you’re passionate about cars, it could be the right role for you!

We are happy to advise you on your application. All recruits must meet our minimum standard, so if you have any questions, please get in touch – we’re here to help!


We are small company with huge engine. CarExamer is a business with global ambitions. Growing massively day by day, we link car buyers looking for vehicle pre-purchase inspections with independent professional inspectors.

We are obsessed with offering great quality vehicle inspections. We aim to transform the experience of buying a used car. Our goal is to change the used car market so pre-purchase inspections are available to everyone. Our platform allows ambitious motor trade professionals to increase their income, and to take control of their time.

The Role

Your main job with CarExamer will be helping people – helping customers daily to buy a great car, and also helping vendors to sell their vehicles.

You must be 100% honest and reliable, and ready to offer great customer service. We expect our inspectors to treat everyone with respect. You will need the ability to tactfully and respectfully communicate well with both vendors and buyers, and be able to resolve any issues cheerfully.


As the Inspector, you will work independently by accepting inspections through the CarExamer system as a self-employed person. You will offer any repairs and servicing required in accordance with the established conditions and operating instructions according to CarExamer Terms and Conditions.

You will be required to undertake vehicle checks and report findings extremely accurately. If you find items to be faulty, or out of manufacturer limits, you are free to offer repair at a later date with customers or vendors directly, without further permission from CarExamer.com.

You will need to be extremely business oriented, to increase your productivity. We look for great customer service and focused individuals, who are able to clearly report their findings with great attention to detail. You must be able to communicate well with customers both over the phone, via audio recording and any video recording of the vehicle required.

If you do carry out and additional repair work beyond the CarExamer report, you must do so in a safe and effective manner, to protect the integrity of the CarExamer brand.

You will also provide advice and assistance within your own area of competence, ensuring that in other cases where the Customer or Vendor require assistance, they are directed to the appropriate CarExamer.com customer service team.

You will also contribute to the effective operation and commercial benefit of CarExamer.com by providing vehicle Inspection Reports to CarExamer.com business customers/organizations when requested to do so. 


  • Undertaking to a high standard of effective and safe vehicle inspections, both private and commercial, at agreed locations.
  • You will be expected to use the latest diagnostic equipment, with optional kit to connect to older cars.
  • Maintaining a thorough knowledge of all types of vehicles, and constantly improving your own skills.
  • Always be prepared before any inspection. Research the vehicle, get the data about the vehicle MOT and history. All the relevant app links will be provided. Research common faults and location for batteries and diagnostic EOBD plug. You will always be fully prepared, and able to manage your own time efficiently.
  • Maintaining accurate data logs necessary to ensure satisfactory job performance, in accordance with current procedures.


Capability, Knowledge, Experience, Courage:

  • Inspectors will be a fully qualified/accredited and insured mechanic: Level 2 City and Guilds or Level 2 NVQ qualifications/accreditations in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair. Liability insurance and Trade insurance. This means you will have to have a history of working as a mechanic, and a suitable qualification to work on vehicles.
  • Inspectors on our platform are professional mechanics with minimum 5 years’ trade experience working as a mechanic to qualify with CarExamer.com. Most of our mechanics have different background experience - franchised dealers, independent garages, well-known breakdown assistance companies as roadside mechanics prior to joining the CarExamer.com platform.
  • Able to work out doors in all weathers
  • Valid driving license (car)
  • Willingness to progress
  • Ability to work independently and plan your own workflow and time management
  • Ability to work with other customers and vendors not employed by the CarExamer.com at varied locations
  • Previous car inspection or appraisal work
  • Previous MOT experience       
  • At least 5 years’ industry experience as a mechanic


What are the benefits of this job?

  • Your hard work at the CarExamer.com will definitely not be going to be un-rewarded. We offer the ability to increase your customer base, earn more and we do not claim any penny from that.
  • Increase your repair customer base. If you find any items to be faulty, or out of manufacturer limits, you will be able to repair at a later date with no onward fees from CarExamer.
  • Our platform offers guaranteed new business opportunities, enabling you to grow your customer base and eventually expand your own business reach to generate increased income.

We're currently providing car inspection services in these following UK cities:

East Riding of Yorkshire Hull Bridlington Selby Goole
Herefordshire Hereford
Northumberland Blyth Hexham
Scotland - Highlands & Islands Inverness Elgin Fort William Forres
Scotland - North East Aberdeen