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How to Choose the Right Vehicle Inspection Package

How to Choose the Right Vehicle Inspection Package

At CarExamer, we are truly passionate about helping motorists to make their lives easier, save money, and receiving honest and reliable services that are transparent, without any uncertainty or deception. That’s why we exist after all. To make sure that this happens with vehicle inspections just like everything else drivers go through, we’re here with a guide on choosing the perfect vehicle inspection package too (without a load of self-promotion on the top).

To do that, we’re breaking down the unique points that make up an inspection package, whether you’re a vehicle inspection veteran or even a first-time buyer. By doing this, we’re helping to teach drivers all about what makes inspections so great in the first place, as well as making it easier to identify what makes an inspection more valuable, and what they should be looking out for.

Let’s go through it.


The initial aspect to consider when trying to work out the best fitting vehicle inspection package for consumers usually comes from looking ta the depth of the packages themselves. Each inspection on the market will have a different number of point included in the inspection after all, and this is done for good reason.

Primarily, this is done to differentiate between quality and specificity of inspections. The fewer points that are covered, the cheaper the inspection can be due to less time take, fewer resources required, and a lower quality inspection. That all makes sense.

Even on top of this initial quality meter however, this is also done for another, much larger reason too. It helps to compare inspections with other business on the market and helps you to understand how much is actually being done to your car.

This is usually done to help understand what the maximum level of service can be. It’s also worth noting that not everything warrants a point on the checklist, so compare what you can if you can for more accurate checklists.


The next most important consideration you need to have going into an inspection is how much you’re going to be paying for the service. Like we said above, it is massively dependent on the points that will be covered in the test mostly due to time take, quality differentiation and resources required, but it can often be other factors that drive up prices as well.

When pricing anything up to purchase, especially with services, it is always wise to remember the secret ingredient that often comes with anything car-related. That is the brand or the reputation that go behind it. No matter which industry, a bigger brand almost always means n inflated price on the grounds of that alone.

It’s always wise to try and find the balance between the depth of the inspection and the level of service that is actually justified both for your car, but also your peace of mind as well. It’s both of these that will be the factors of your happiness with your car and inspection, after all, so make sure you choose a package that feels right but is smart too.

Road Tests

Another massive area of a vehicle inspection that you need to be mindful to choose the right fit for you is the road test that is included within each. Not only do different packages from different providers mean that there are different numbers of points checked, but they also mean that there are different road tests. This is another variable for business to utilise after all.

Many of the lower budget road tests will have dramatically lower road test distances than the standard or even premium packages do if they are available, but as a result, the road test is almost always one of the first to be reduced as a result.

Road tests are essential too, which is something people are quick to forget since they often are the only time many issues will come up in the first place. Things like noises and calibration issues, for example, can be best seen here.

Always take a look at the road tests in the packages in question and compare the distances or even times like are present with CarExamer as an alternative. Again, it does often come back to risk vs value or cost of the issue.

Trust Worthiness

As mentioned in the pricing section of the guide, a big part of selecting a service provider of vehicle inspections that you’re going to trust with your car health is making sure that you do in fact trust them. This is why large brands are often happy to place a larger price tag on the service too. It’s an important thing to do.

It’s always a good idea to think about the service that you’re using as a result of this and making sure that the inspection is coming from someone qualified to do it in the first place. Many companies will create partnerships with smaller inspection services for example, and others will have very small sections of a larger business used to do it.

Others, however, will be specialists that are dedicated to giving unparalleled service. This too can be just as beneficial as a large and secure brand since you know that experienced and dedicated specialists will be the one carrying out your test, and not a generic mechanic. It’s not something people always consider, but it does play a part in how happy you’ll be with your service.


The final major piece of the puzzle that comes with choosing a vehicle inspection is how convenient it is going to be to have done. This is definitely something that isn’t thought very much about again, but again, it’s still really important for a lot of people who are looking for efficiency and quality without effort.

To put this into context, there are several features you may want from the provider that you may not even think of until you’re at the point of inspection. Some of the most common are:

  • Can you cancel the inspection? Will it cost you?
  • Do you have to be present for the inspection?
  • Can you inspect more than one car? How does that work?
  • Is there someone you can speak to about your inspection?
  • How do you get your results?
  • Do you get pictures included?

These are just some of the questions that you may want answers too depending on what matters the most to you, but all services offer these things to different extents, if at all.

Many of these features can even be included as added extras and charged on top of what you already purchase, so add this into the equation before you make any final commitments.

What to remember

When push comes to shove, there is no right or wrong inspection package out there. Ultimately, it will always be down to you and your preferences to determine which inspection will be the best. Different people, rank these factors differently both for their car and their peace of mind, and you need to bring that together to find what it worth the most to you.

At CarExamer, we try to go the extra mile for customers and will always advise you accordingly when you are selecting a package. We’re always willing to help you find the best package we offer, even if you decide it may not be for you.

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