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Why Good & Bad Cars Don’t Really Exist

When looking at cars, it’s not an unusual thing to hear that some are bad cars that are big mistakes waiting to happen and others are good cars that you’d be lucky to get. In actuality, that’s not always the truest of statements. It easy to get in the frame of mind, too, but really, every car has the potential to be a good car to buy. Only person who is to blame is the previous owner and quality of the previous repairs conducted by the car repairer and if all advisories, maintenance tasks have been completed during the ownership of the vehicle. You just need to have the full picture behind it.

To work that part out, however, you need to first understand why people think this toss-up between good and bad cars exists, and how you can tell the difference yourself. In fact, you need to be able to tell why most of the time, there isn’t a difference at all, and you just need to use your best judgement and a little foresight to understand what’s going into the car.

Let’s take a look

Cars have reputations

One of the biggest misconceptions in what makes a good or a bad car is the quality of the brand behind them. Branding is a huge influence on everything we buy, and cars are no different. How a car is perceived and talked but in different parts of the world has a huge impact on how we all tend to think about it. It really does carry a lot of weight, and it’s something we have to get passed.

Don’t get us wrong, some cars aren’t made to as high a standard as other, and sometimes, no matter what the brand, there are common stereotypical issues that occur. Most of the time, however, some past experiences or even one-off mistakes that got a lot of publicity can tarnish a brand for life, even if the cars could be great. Don’t believe everything you hear (but don’t be scared to do your homework).

Accurate Estimates and Diagnostics Matter, not opinions

Secondly, we need to remember here that the most important part of determining the worth of a car comes from the state it’s in, the price paid for it and what needs to be done to get it in the condition you need. That sounds confusing, but in reality, it’s fairly simple.

The best thing to do is to find out everything you possibly can do about your car. Even if a car has had multiple issues of the same nature more than once, that doesn’t mean the car is destined for failure. In reality, it likely means that you just need someone to take a more thorough look at what the issues are. Get a service, a vehicle inspection or even just an in-depth valuation. All these things help find the real issues or misconceptions about a car, whether it’s considered a good or a bad one. The pros know best! How to maintain your car.

It’s all in the history

Lastly, another huge aspect of what makes a good or a bad car a lot of the time comes from its background. Make, model and reputation all have a big role in how people see cars, but in most cases, the previous owners count, overall mileage and the rest of the car’s history are more important than anything else too. It’s always worth checking out.

How a car is driven, mot history, the service history, the mileage, the driving habits, it all has a massive impact on the car’s health past and present, and what needs to be done to keep the car in it’s prime. Getting the most comprehensive check possible is usually the only way to find all of this out, but do ask much as you can for the most accurate representation of any car. Few signs when to buy a new car.

Ultimately, good or bad cars are a myth. Some cars are worth more than others, some are in better condition than others, but just about any car has the potential to be restored to its full working order. Getting a professional inspection is the best way to make sure you know the full story about what you’re buying but do as much as you can to find the answers you need. There’s always more to it than meets the eye, and that goes for this just as much as it does anything else.

Always make up your own mind about these types of situations and get any advice you need to. You might even find yourself a steal because of it! Good luck, and happy driving!

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