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How to Maintain & Take Care of a Car

Learning how to maintain a car and keep it in great shape is something that all of us should know how to do at some point or another. It’s what keeps your car running right, looking good, and even keeps it valuable as time goes on. All of that has to count for something, and if you’re going to do it, then you have to do it right, right? We’ve put together just the thing you need to do it: the CarExamer guide to taking care of your car, 2020 edition. Buying a car first time.

To make it easier to do, we’ve split how to maintain a car into 4 main areas:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Electrics
  3. Bodywork/Appearance
  4. Bits on the side (mirrors, windows, wipers)

Each one is just as important as the last in the grand scheme of things, and they’re all worth doing to make sure you’re safe both on the road and in your wallet.


The first step in maintaining your car is making sure that everything is above board mechanically. That usually comes from getting things like an MOT (which you have to) as well as things like a proper servicing from a licensed professional.

It’s like getting your car taken in for a general health exam. You find anything that can be dangerous more than anything else and they’re the things that matter most. Your safety always comes first after all. If there are any issues, they’ll usually come from the usual suspects like suspension, coil springs, holes, leaks, etc.

You can do many of the things that are included in a service yourself in a mini self-service too, like oil & filter changes, tyre health checks etc. They all go a long way towards keeping your car in good shape.

To really make sure you’re maintaining a car mechanically, there are a few other habits you can make too. Things like using the best quality fuel when you can for example, or service as we mentioned. Even just fixing problems as they happen helps stop problems before they get worse.


In addition to the mechanical side of learning how to maintain a car properly, learning how the electrics work in a vehicle is another essential area of knowledge. It may be more about preventing problems than fixing them unless you’re really clued up on your car maintenance, but it’s all good to know.

Some of the most common issues in this category come from little niggles like windows not opening or closing correctly, lights malfunctioning, loose wiring and even lighting issues. They can be really small issues (unless you have a newer car which changes things up), but they still have a big impact on your experience with your car and can affect the value too.

So, keeping things well looked after; what can you do? The biggest thing is to actually make sure you are keeping your car running like it’s meant to. One of the worst things you can do for your car both electrically and mechanically is to stop using it. (That’s why mileage is so important). If you leave your car for the winter, for example, you’re asking for trouble. Temperature changes effects cars differently, and it can be a big issue. Just keep your car looked after and fix issues as they happen.

It’s also a good time to mention here that looking after your battery health is important for the overall electrical health of your vehicle as well. Your battery, of course, has a big impact on other electrical areas of the vehicle, and looking after it goes hand in hand with looking after the electrical systems as a whole. Remember that, and keep your eye on it. When to know when it’s time to buy a new car.


Looking after what your car actually looks like is where things get a lot easier to manage on your own when learning how to maintain a car. It might sound like more of a vanity aspect, but it’s actually early important to keep your car in the best condition you can.

When you let your car get worn on the outside, a lot can happen. You might mark the paintwork permanently, allow rust to set in, or cause chips and scratches from not looking after any issues already present. Even making sure your license plate is clean and visible can be a huge deal.

The easiest way to look after the outside and even the inside of your car is to get it cleaned regularly. Either do it yourself at home, or take it to a service station and go to work in it yourself, buy treatments for any external issues if you need to, and try to drive well to top anything bad happening. How to look after paint work.

Bits on the side

Last but not least, we have the bits on the side. This is kind of a combination of all three, and these aren’t so much detrimental to the car, but more things that are just worth doing for both you and for the car. Why good and bad cars don’t exist.

This is mostly looking at things like the condition of your windows, windshield, mirrors and even your wipers. They’re all things that although tiny, have a huge impact on your driving. Check them all regularly for the best results!

All of these things may seem a little unnecessary, but they can all make or break your cars safely and value. Do the right thing and just keep on top of things or get a professional to tell you what you need to do. What happens during car inspection.

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