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Why Previous Car Owners Really Matter

A lot can happen in a car’s lifetime, and it all ahs a big impact on what your car’s future will look like too. There are tonnes of different signs and factors that all add up to make one big picture, and out of all of these, one of the biggest impacts from how many owners the car has had.

It sounds trivial, we know. Why would it matter how many people have driven the car? That’s a fair question to ask too. The thing is though, it’s not just who has driven it that matters, but it’s how they have driven it too. Even how they bought it an be a huge factor. Let’s take a look at why.

Wear and Tear

One of the most obvious examples of how previous car owners can have a big impact is how they used the car directly. How someone drives particularly has a massive result on how it stands in the test of time, and it’s more important than most other stuff put together.

If the car has been driven around by a new driver or even someone who is just a little reckless, then the car has probably seen better days. It gets put through the wringer, and it takes a huge toll on every aspect of the car. From tyres and clutches through to engines and structure, anything can be worn out if it’s not treated how it should be.

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Know History

Another massive thing to look at when you’re thinking about previous owners of a car is what the car has already gone through on the record. With modern tech, you can find out just about everything you need to know about your car if you need to. The previous owner is still always one better though. They tell you who the legal owner is, the mileage, and even any discrepancies about how it drives.

On top of that, the MOT and service history will be different from car to car too, and it’s the owner behind it all that keeps things ticking over as it’s supposed to. If the owner is careless or even inexperienced it might not work in your favour if you’re dealing with your new used car. The owner is responsible for it all.

Their Finance

For a lot of people, the first port of call when it comes to checking out a used car anyway comes from getting a HPI check, and that’s just as relevant here. The last thing you ever need when you’re getting a new car is for a previous owner to have made things a little less than legal and some financial complications. That’s what the HPI check is designed for.

When you get one of these, you can check out how the previous owner bought the car, and what they did with the payment plan they sued to get it. If you decide that finance is right for you, you need to make sure you pay everything that you need to. If an owner sells it before this is finished the car doesn’t actually belong to you, and that can be a huge issue alone. Don’t fall in the trap.

Bad Omens

Last but not least, another big thing to think about with previous car owners on record is how many there have actually been. At the end of the day, this comes down to two reasons. The first is how many previous owners means how many previous complications you might have. There more people that have been involved, the more variation this car has seen, and the more likely it is for someone in the chain to have mistreated the vehicle. It’s a bit of a lottery.

Secondly, it has a massive signal behind it about the car itself. Why has a car been passed around so many times? If it’s had a huge list of previous car owners, maybe even take it as a warning to new buyers. There is always a good reason for selling a car, but still, make sure you aren’t signing your money away with something you could have seen coming. Always do every check you can to keep yourself safe!

Ultimately, owners are just another cog in the machine behind what makes a car a good buy or a terrible mistake. Do your homework and always get a professional opinion to keep you in the best situation possible.

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