Car History

A car’s history has a huge story to tell. You can learn everything from the previous owners to the treatments it’s had, but getting a really accurate picture isn’t always the first thing people want. It’s easy to take a look at MOT history or how many miles might be on the clock, but that doesn’t always give you the full story. That’s where you need to know the other things that make up a history too.

Our car history articles cover everything there is to know and why it matters. We dive into the depth of what a car’s history really means and how it matters. That goes right the way through to the impact it has on your car.

Take the owners for example. Looking at a car’s previous owners is textbook car history and it can tell you more than you realise. The car could have been regularly serviced or a business car and have racked up the miles, but you wouldn’t see it because of the milage.

On the other side of the coin, your car may have a financial history too. It goes much further than just usage after tall. Cars have to be paid for no matter how they’re acquired. If you’re getting something new or a quick sale, the car’s history can be a great way to check out the legal side of things too.

Running our history checks as we do has really taught us a lot. Now, it’s time for our articles to do the same for you. Take a look what’s out there and learn something new yourself.