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Basic vehicle inspection is perfect if you need professional opinion on a vehicle you are considering. Great for budget vehicles to potential issues, protecting you from bigger expenses. Also suitable for your own vehicle before taking on long trip.

What is vehicle inspection is a service before purchasing a vehicle which provides detailed inspection on the vehicle looking for any potential faults saves time and money and helps to get the right decision. We’re breaking down the unique points that make up an inspection package, whether you’re a vehicle inspection veteran or even a first-time buyer. By doing this, we’re helping to teach drivers all about what makes inspections so great in the first place, as well as making it easier to identify what makes an inspection more valuable, and what they should be looking out for. What Kinds of Car Inspection we offer? Not all car inspections are created alike. Typically inspection packages are split into budget and premium levels of service to help you find the best fitting deal balancing money and depth of the inspection.

CarExamer, for example, offers the widest range of car inspections from the mainstream market, with four of our packages present:

Budget – from £83.99 – 80+ points checked
Basic – from £125.99 – 100+ points checked
Standard – from £167.99 – 200+ points checked
Premium – from £239.99 – 300+ points checked

At CarExamer, we are truly passionate about helping motorists to make their lives easier, save money, and receiving honest and reliable services that are transparent, without any uncertainty or deception. That’s why we exist after all. To make sure that this happens with vehicle inspections just like everything else drivers go through, we’re here with a guide on choosing the perfect vehicle inspection package too (without a load of self-promotion on the top).

*On rare occasions some specific sport cars maybe incorrectly classified and price will be adjusted accordingly.
Vehicles with disability controls and modifications