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Casual T-Shirt #hypercars

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Are you looking for the classic staple item to go and freshen up your wardrobe? Well, here at CarExamer we have created the perfect Tee that provides not only comfort but the sophisticated fit of a normal regular casual T shirt. Crafted from cotton like material, this t-shirt is designed for comfort and anti-sweat If you love cars as much as we do here at CarExamer you’ll be sure to love this with the# hypercars. So why not get hyped and grab this classic regular fit Tshirt while stocks still last, whilst you are there why not check out the other awesome range of T shirts that we have in stock.

  • Regular fit casual T shirt
  • Short sleeved- super premium
  • Machine washable / wash with colours alike
  • Designed in the UK/ soft and versatile material
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Logo of CarExamer & #Hypercars located at the bottom of the T shirt