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CarExamer Limited Edition Polo shirt

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Are you looking for something extra special to wear? Well, look no further. Here at CarExamer we have a range of exclusive products to showcase your love for cars. Why not rock our super EXCLUSIVE and LIMITED polo shirts from Grant Cardone’s world’s biggest entrepreneur business conference. Grant Cordone’s was voted #1 conference for marketing by Forbes. This was an exclusive event that was part of the DIAMOND attended at 10xgrowthcon3 during the beginning of February 2019.

Our Regular fit polo shirt is just perfect for those summer days with short sleeves and 3 buttons to the collar.

  • Colour black with CarExamer logo in black and #TIMEISMONEY embossed on the polo shirt
  • Breathable material, with quick-dry technology that prevents those pesky sweat stains and keeps you feeling cool.
  • The regular fit polo shirt had three buttons which makes it super easy to slip over the head, have it open or buttoned up for the more classic and sophisticated look.
  • Available in a whole range of sizes.
  • Machine Washable/Wash with colours alike