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Engineers Report inspection results
(PREPARED ON 01/11/2021, 15:02)

The inspector 's conclusion

Prior to carrying out a road test under bonnet fluid levels were checked and found to be correct, at this point the vehicle was started with no permanent warning lights displayed on the driver’s information panel, with the vehicle started readily from cold.

The road test was carried out at speeds of up to 40mph, in mixed road and traffic conditions.

During the road test the pay attention to the performance of the engine and transmission with the engine and transmission performance be considered in line with a similar vehicle the same make and model the similar mileage.

Throughout the course of the road test the vehicle handled and performed in a satisfactory manner, steered the chosen path of travel correctly and was free from any abnormal noise or vibration.

Noticed noise from suspension suspecting shock absorber or top mount. Some audible sound from rear suspension l.

During the road test there was no evidence of any excessive smoke from the exhaust, undue
audible noises from the transmission and no evidence of overheating.

With final checks revealing no evidence of coolant leaks in and around the engine bay, or
evidence of major oil leakage around the engine bay and or on the underside of the vehicle.

Overall conclusion vehicle is in average condition for the age and mileage. Vehicle aesthetics is average or the age with some previous bodyworks carried resprayed most of the vehicle. Respray quality not the greatest visually noticeable. Satisfactory overall.

No service history available.

Service done recently oil change, oil in gearbox clean.

Would require around £750 for short/longterm General maintenance repairs.

Potential repair costs for this vehicle: £260

HPI Basic Data

Vin: **************1477
Engine no: G4LABP059418
Color: RED
Mileage: 56265
Mot: 16/09/2022

Service documentation:
Vin match:
Radio security code:
Owners manual:
Fuel Type: PETROL
Engine Capacity: 1248
Market Sector Code: AA
Country Of Origin: SOUTH KOREA
Model Code: 555
Model Variant: 2
Data Version Number: No
Number Of Gears: 4
Nominal Engine Capacity: 1.2
Marque Code: RG
Transmission: AUTOMATIC
Visibility Date: 01/05/2011
Sys Setup Date: 01/05/2011
Marque: KIA
Cab Type: NA
Terminate Date: No
Series: TA
Number Of Doors: 5
Drive Type: 4X2

Date Of Last Update: 2021-08-06T14:17:26
Colour: RED
Vehicle Class: Car
Certificate Of Destruction Issued: No
Engine Number: G4LABP059418
Engine Capacity: 1248
Transmission Code: A
Exported: No
Year Of Manufacture: 2011
Date Exported: No
Scrapped: No
Transmission: AUTO 4 GEARS
Date First Registered Uk: 2011-11-30T00:00:00
Gear Count: 4
Import Non Eu: No
Previous Vrm Gb: No
Gross Weight: 950
Door Plan Literal: 5 DOOR HATCHBACK
Mvris Model Code: AYC
Vin: KNABX512MCT181477
Vrm: SM61ELO
Date First Registered: 2011-11-30T00:00:00
Date Scrapped: No
Door Plan: 14
Year Month First Registered: 2011-11
Vin Last5: 81477
Vehicle Used Before First Registration: No
Max Permissible Mass: 1370
Make: KIA
Transmission Type: Automatic
Seating Capacity: 5
Fuel Type: PETROL
Co2 Emissions: 125
Imported: No
Mvris Make Code: Q7
Previous Vrm Ni: No
Vin Confirmation Flag: No

V5 C Certificate Count: 1
Plate Change Count: 0
Number Of Previous Keepers: 4
Keeper Changes Count: 1
Vic Count: 0
Colour Change Count: No
Colour Change List: No
Vic List: No

Road test

Engine-performance - Poor - Require some repairs
Eng mil light not coming when igntion turned on MOT failure
Engine-noise cold - Good - In working condition
Cold starting - Good - In working condition
Hot restarting - Good - In working condition
Engine-noise hot - Good - In working condition
Excess smoke - Good - In working condition
Gearbox operation/noise level - Good - In working condition
Auto changes/kick-down - Good - In working condition
Final drive operation/noise level - Good - In working condition
Clutch operation - Not Available for this vehicle
Road holding/stability - Good - In working condition
Steering wheel alignment - Good - In working condition
Steering wheel effort - Good - In working condition
General steering/handling - Good - In working condition
Foot brake operation - Good - In working condition
Hand/parking brake operation - Fair - May require some repairs
Excessive travel
Suspension noise - Good - In working condition

Electric controls

Horn - Good - In working condition

Interior / Luggage Compartment

Seat belt operation - Good - In working condition
Boot/tailgate lock - Good - In working condition

Engine compartment

Engine external leaks - Good - In working condition
Bonnet catch - Good - In working condition
Engine underside leakage - Good - In working condition

Cooling system

Coolant level - Good - In working condition
Coolant leak - Good - In working condition
Cooling fan operation* - Good - In working condition

Brake system

Discs/pads front (if visible) - Fair - May require some repairs
Potential repair costs: £260
Front pads 30% left Discs corrosion and wear and tear advisory to replace too
Discs/pads/shoes/drums rear (if visible) - Good - In working condition
Hand/parking brake operation - Fair - May require some repairs
Handbrake adjustment requires

Wheels and tyres

Front right tyre - Fair - May require some repairs
Age related cracks developing
Front left tyre - Good - In working condition
Rear right tyre - Good - In working condition
Rear left tyre - Good - In working condition

Front suspension / steering

Springs/suspension unit - Fair - May require some repairs
Audible rattle noticeable from suspension requires further investigation

Body exterior

Fuel filler cover/petrol flap - Good - In working condition
Noticed front daylight running lights not working

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