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Fleet Services

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Our Fleet Inspections can help control fleet budgets and allow more effective fleet maintenance. By identifying potential problems early enough, fleet services allow you to plan repairs in advance and at minimal cost. This could be on the premises or where the car is located, without invalidating any warranty.

Ensuring a good standard of vehicle for you fleet is key.

All CarExamer.com inspectors & mechanics have a minimum of five years of industry experience, so you can be assured of professional service and customer-focused experience.

CarExamer Fleet Services give complete peace of mind when meeting duty of care responsibilities, productivity improvements and internal system improvements so you can focus what you do best and deliver services to your customers.

How fleet inspections can help your business

  • Identify faults early, saving on costly repairs
  • Reduce fleet maintenance costs
  • Minimise fleet downtime
  • Meet duty of care obligations
  • Protect staff who are liable for the roadworthiness of the vehicle
  • Our independent consultation services will enable you to make the best buying decisions for fleet vehicles, saving you money and reducing time off the road.
  • Service, Maintenance and Repair assistance from us 24hr repair bookings online and next day service. Using our mobile mechanics
  • De-fleet your vehicles
  • Collection and delivery of your vehicles from your place of choice
  • Consultation services about how to improve workshops & repair supplier’s productivity to make sure that their performance is up to scratch and where improvements can be made to improve productivity so you’re not losing out on downtime.
  • Auditing your systems and processes in place to find where your business can maximise productivity by improving communication and information between different departments.
  • Make sure your processes are not overlapping or have unproductive steps in place which are reducing your business performance.
  • Analysing your mechanics workflow to understand if they need training in some areas to improve their diagnostic work or to improve work quality by looking on jobs they can’t complete, minimising which vehicles to leave site to be repaired somewhere else


  • Expert vehicle Inspectors with a minimum of five years’ industry experience
  • All vehicle Inspectors hold recognised industry qualifications
  • Expert mobile mechanics with a minimum of five years’ industry experience
  • All mobile mechanics hold recognised industry qualification
  • Have full confidence in our vehicle inspectors’ and mechanics expertise
  • We also provide mobile Service, Maintenance and Repair services. All work can be carried out either on your premises, or where the vehicle is located.


  • Duty of Care
    We offer a programme of regular vehicle checks to identify potential problems. These can then be addressed before they turn into major faults.
  • Cause and Fault
    Suitable for companies which lease their vehicles, this Inspection provides an independent check of a vehicles' faults. Understanding the cause means costs can be assigned correctly to the driver or to a warranty.
  • Fair Wear and Tear
    If your company leases vehicles, this Inspection provides you with an independent check at the end of the vehicle lease period. We provide an estimate of the costs you might need to pay to the leasing company. Our flexible inspections can be tailored to your needs across a range of areas, including people, vehicle and premises.
  • Your workshop audits of your services and Repair suppliers =
    We carry out spot checks and workshop audits of your service, maintenance and repair suppliers to make sure that their performance is up to scratch and locate where improvements can be made to improve productivity preventing loss on downtime.
  • Service, Maintenance and Repair cover
    We always make sure with the click of the button you can have repairs and maintenance available anywhere you choose to keep your fleet moving on the road, preventing higher rate off-road repair costs too

A one-stop visit where we service your vehicles on the premises at your convenience.  With no downtime to the business, we manage everything for you. 


The Fleet Inspection will check and evaluate the condition of all the key components of a vehicle, including:

  • the engine
  • gearbox
  • clutch
  • cooling system
  • steering
  • brakes
  • suspension
  • drive shafts
  • electrical
  • security
  • wheels and tyres
  • underbody
  • interior trim
  • bodywork-
  • plug-in diagnostic check is also included for some types of inspection.

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