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Inspected Vehicles Programme - for used car dealerships

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Working with CarExamer is ideal for used car traders looking to increase customer trust. Partnering with our trusted brand for car inspections is a great way to build your customer base and boost sales. No monthly subscriptions – it’s free*

Customer service is all about for us, and we want to work with dealers who are proud of what they do and sell just like we are.

As a used car dealership, you get to benefit from the extended reach of our marketing and customer base to promote and sell your own inspected, used cars. We invest heavily in digital marketing and are growing fast. More customers mean more sales!


CarExamer Trust is the movement of excellent traders

It's basically the CarExamer high level inspection service and our way to be completely open to people - making sure people are looked after both before and after purchasing the vehicle so people can enjoy purchasing experience.

  • V5 registration, Car History Check and information about the vehicle available
  • Describe vehicle exactly as it is
  • Provide a minimum of 12 months MOT on all vehicles
  • Welcome qualified mechanic to inspect and road test the vehicle
  • Make sure every vehicle is in good condition
  • All regular maintenance carried out
  • Offer customer refundable deposit
  • Follow obligations under the Consumer Rights Act 2015
  • You receive free CarExamer inspection report


CarExamer inspection reports are trusted by customers all over the UK when buying used cars. Using our Inspected Vehicles Programme allows you to offer these benefits directly to your own customers

  • Peace of mind for your customers
  • Increase trust in your business
  • Build a reputation for quality used cars
  • Close the sale with inspection

Additional vehicle inspection services

We can also list all your inspected vehicles online if you choose us to inspect your all vehicles. Anyone visiting our site to book a used car inspection will be able to see your already inspected vehicles, and view the inspection reports for the cars online too so as in your webpage.

  • As a trusted brand, we provide our customers with reliable, quick and easy inspections for used cars.
  • Ensure you get the best price for the vehicles you are selling, by arranging a CarExamer pre-sale inspection report. This allows you to rectify any potential issues, and enables your customers to buy from you with complete trust.
  • Our qualified, professional expert inspectors can visit multiple vehicles and complete inspections on your forecourt at your convenience.
  • Trusted assessments can help speed up the process of selling used vehicles, allowing the customer fast access to expert reports on a car’s condition.

Professional Used Car and Vehicle Inspections made Easy

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Our booking process is simple and quick, and you only pay when the inspection is complete.

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Our network of fully qualified inspectors work nationwide at a time to suit you.

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