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How Pre Purchase Car Inspection Protects Your Money

Car Pre purchase inspection is amazing ways to save money when it comes to buying used cars. No matter what your motive for getting one, they have the potential to save you thousands in repair bills and replacements.

To understand the full gravity that this potential really has, however, some deeper digging can help. By adding some context and thought to what can actually happen when you buy a car without an inspection, it’s easy to see their worth. Just one of the things can make your new purchase a nightmare.

Find Problems with the Car 

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most obvious way a vehicle inspection saves you some money is by identifying any problems that your used car might have. By finding these problems, you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into if you choose to move forward with the purchase, and that kind of information, even if a dealbreaker, can save you hundreds if not thousands in the grand scheme of things.  Most common car buying problems.

That goes for both long and short term problems too, which is something that many don’t even consider. The in-depth, specialist knowledge that inspectors like ours have means that we’re able to spot both problems that are already present in the vehicle, and for the majority of the time, we’re able to spot problems that are soon to occur too. See help if buying privately.

Things like corrosion and wear and tear for example can be noted and talked about, giving you a clear picture of what’s happening and making sure you’re not getting stung even in the weeks after the purchase takes place. Cars are rarely temporary after all. 

Get the Dealer to Cover Costs 

Secondly, if the car that was inspected were to have any problems, the car inspection can save you money by giving you access to this information that can be presented to the dealer or seller, too. You have hard and accurate evidence that there is a problem with the vehicle you’re looking at buying. With us, that comes with photographic proof where appropriate too.

Once you have vital information like this, you also have a bargaining chip. That usually comes in two different forms. The first is that you’re able to identify the issues with the seller and demand that action be taken to fix it or break the deal. The dealer will usually agree to fix these problems, since it is their responsibility, and just like that, your problem should be fixed.

On the other hand, if problems exist and they aren’t a dealbreaker for you in the first place, you still have the power to bargain. The car’s value is suddenly less that it was. That means that you’re in a much stronger position to negotiate the price of the vehicle, and often, get a lower price too. Whether you choose to use that discount to fix the issue or not is entirely up to you.

Save on Time Repairing Car

One of the biggest costs that often come from problems with cars is actually the inconvenience that can come alongside it. This is something that many people don’t consider when thinking about what could go wrong with buying a used car that may not be reliable, but it’s a big factor at play. 

Should anything actually go wrong with your vehicle at any point, it’s important to consider the resources you’ll need to use when it comes to putting them right. Yes, of course, money is a big part, but on top of that, so is the time that all of this takes too. That goes both for your own valuable time and the mechanics time, too. 

Needing time away from work, transportation, curtesy or rental cars and even delayed repairs all result in higher incurred costs for the buyer, and in truly awful cases, this can really rack up an even larger bill still. It’s not good news. 

Spot Dodgy Dealers By Declining Inspections 

Another less apparent point in all of this comes from how a vehicle inspection service can save you from problematic sellers, too. Of course, these points above are still examples of problematic deals, but with car inspection services like ours that are guaranteed to be digging deep into the history of the vehicle, dealers may change their attitudes, saving you money before you even spend it.

Although it’s uncommon, especially when looking to larger professional sellers, smaller-scale sellers may well change their tune completely when inspections are laid on the table. If that does happen, it can often be a surefire way to tell that there’s a reason they’re trying to avoid it. Usually, it’s a combination of the point above. 

By being able to separate these potentially problematic sellers, you’re giving yourself a much better chance at finding a vehicle coming from a place you can trust. Even on top of that, you have a better rapport with the seller too, meaning in many cases, should any issues occur surrounding the deal in any way, you have a good point of contact.  


Ultimately, car inspections are a great way to protect you and your money. If you’re stuck thinking whether car inspections are really worth the investment, then this is a great way to think about it. It means you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, and gives you the options you need to make an informed and educated decision. Buying a used VW. Buying used vauxhall, BMW, Jaguar, Ford, Volvo, Range rover,

You’re not only protecting yourself at the point of purchase either, as this extra layer of safety helps to ward off problems occurring even after your purchase the car, too. That goes for repairs, long term problems, and even incurred fees form having work done, no matter how long the process lasts. 

Protecting your assets is one of the biggest benefits of vehicle inspections, and if you need more advice on the matter, contact us today. 

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