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CarExamer Vs. Click Mechanic Car Inspections

Vehicle inspections are an extremely complex service that requires the utmost care and expertise to do correctly. Although they are one of the best things that you could ever do for yourself if you’re looking to buy used, getting the right one is a lot easier said than done. That’s why we’re here to review the CarExamer vehicle inspection service platform against another provider, Click Mechanic. CarExamer have a huge range of authority in the automotive industry. Click mechanic is a renowned vehicle mechanic service that will come to do automotive repairs at your home, whereas CarExamer is a dedicated vehicle inspection service designed with this right down to the business’ very core. Biggest difference in the market currently not only in UK, but worldwide there is no vehicle inspection standard. CarExamer platform have created a inspection standard so inspectors can follow blueprint on what and how inspections needs to be conducted to avoid complaints. Inspectors inspect vehicles as they would be buying one for themselves.

CarExamer is already leading UK vehicle inspection service platform in such short time since operation began and operating across the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and the British Isles too.

Offers comprehensive used car inspections at industry leading prices no matter what customers are looking from Motorhomes, classic cars to luxury and supercars, and with different levels of inspections to suit all customers, it’s easy to find one that suits customer best. Each of them has their benefits as a service, and they can bring a whole new light to the potential of vehicle inspections. Customer reviews already placing CarExamer’s used car inspection service in the leading position in the UK.

Extra features from CarExamer is as follows. It does also need to be noted when focussing on the value of the inspections on offer that CarExamer has many service bonuses that are included in these figures.

They aren’t always well known, and aren’t definitely not common among other services. This includes features such as an online portal to view your inspection updates in real-time, regular notification updates on every step of the booking progress, communication with inspector internally, potential repair costs provided, unlimited vehicle images as required, *free cancellations simply available from personal account, same day vehicle inspection options and loyalty discounts, multi-buy discounts all work together to give the best possible value for money from one of the only specialist inspection services that are on the market. If you are unsure about what you need and are looking to multiple inspections, that can make the prices even more favourable to you.

The Inspections Available

A good starting point with any inspection service comes from the inspections that are available to purchase in the first place. Both CarExamer and Click Mechanic have different inspection packages available for purchase. You can choose the right fit for you depending on the level of service and decide which is the most applicable to you, no matter what the situation.

Click Mechanic

Click mechanic has 3 different categories of inspection. They are:

  • Basic points 72
  • Standard points 105
  • Premium points 143

Each one scales up in price and specificity as time goes on, allowing a rational and worthwhile decision to be made without any issue. Each package has its own list of points involved and also scales up the level of service involved like contact times, road test distances and a range of other things too.


In very much the same way, CarExamer has multiple packages involved in the business model as well. With 4 packages available this time all going into a greater level of depth, the CarExamer packages offer a wider range of services that can make a decision much more informed and appropriate for the situation at hand.

  • Engineers report situation based reports
  • Basic points 100+
  • Standard points 200+
  • Premium points 300+

CarExamer continues to offer additional features in the name of creating a more valuable and trusted experience, with features like: 

  • Unlimited photographs as deemed necessary during the inspection to provide clarity and reassurance 
  • An online portal that is accessible to view every detail there is about your inspection
  • Free cancellations with enough notice to make sure you’re happy with the service you have chosen and aren’t running up unnecessary costs along the way
  • Sharable results to social media and other platforms to share your findings with others and passing your knowledge to friends and family, or even mechanics to help put right if you proceed
  • Multi-car discounts to help make your choices easier and much clearer to you, eliminating potential costs
  • Fast inspection turnaround and rapid reporting
  • Up to same day inspections where possible
  • All inspections are Guaranteed*
  • Potential repair costs provided
  • Have extended warranty packages available to protect you from future breakdowns
  • Have a very high reputation in the trade and we are highly respected; all inspectors are fully insured. We’re not just an online market place our passion is transparency in used vehicle purchasing
  • CarExamer works with handpicked individuals only who are the best at what they do with high ethical standards and extreme professionalism. Fully qualified professional technicians are our minimum standard
  • Offer a personal approach to every vehicle inspection carried out by inspectors. We have developed a blueprint and internal set standards so every inspection carried out by inspectors has the same completion process according to the selected inspection package
  • CarExamer inspector’s priority is to protect you and made you aware of potential issues with the vehicle and provide you an understanding of the overall vehicle condition and potential repair costs so you can make the best decision
  • CarExamer booking process is simple, clear and transparent
  • Full Control of your booking from your account for any updates on the inspection and have a communications dashboard with the inspector
  • Find out inspection early results while the inspector is filling out the report it’s a Sneak-peak of the inspection process while the inspector is capturing the vehicle’s condition get a sense of the condition of the vehicle before the inspection is fully complete
  • Report available in 3-5 hours from starting inspection depending on the inspection type selected. All reports are available securely in your account
  • Choose the level of inspection that suits you – basic, standard or premium
  • No age limit on vehicles inspected
  • Save 20% when you book multiple car inspections at the same address
  • Free cancellations, before 4 hours of appointment time after 2 hours full amount
  • Enjoy customer loyalty discounts- After the first completed inspection- 1st Inspection 5% discount, 2nd Inspection 7% discount, 3rd Inspection 10% discount, 4th Inspection 12% discount, 5th Inspection 15% discount, 6th Inspection 17% discount, 7th Inspection 20% discount
  • Fully qualified professional inspectors for a comprehensive report on your vehicle
  • No risk – pay only when the inspection is completed. We reserve your payment when you make a booking
  • Find out inspection early results while the inspector is filling out the report it’s a Sneak-peak of the inspection process while the inspector is capturing the vehicle’s condition get a sense of the condition of the vehicle before the inspection is fully complete
  • Resolution centre to quickly resolve any queries

Although the minimum price is higher than those of Click Mechanic as we’ll look at below. CarExamer is completely on different level within industry in general all aspects speaks for it.

The Points

The largest and most important part of any vehicle inspection comes from the points and the checks that are actually carried out during one. The differences that the packages have means there are massively varying numbers of checks being carried out at any given time. Choosing the right package is the only way to get the balance between quality/reliability and value, as this can always seem contrasting.

Click Mechanic

Looking again at Click Mechanic’s offered vehicle inspections first, we can see the points here:

  • Basic – 72; no diagnostic scan available, vehicle not raised, no pictures, no potential repair costs
  • Standard – 105; no diagnostic scan available, vehicle not raised, no pictures, no potential repair costs
  • Premium – 143; diagnostic scan available, vehicle raised, no body work inspection available, 4 pictures, no potential repair costs


  • Engineers report situation based reports
  • Basic – 100+
  • Standard – 200+
  • Premium – 300+

This clearly shows that the CarExamer vehicle inspections are significantly more thorough than that of click mechanic on every tier of the service avail. It also really shows the differences in thoroughness the services offer, as the range is so much more vast with the CarExamer brand rather than only having the smaller increments as can be seen with ClickMechanic, even for the lower price. Pay cheap pay twice as people say.

The Road Tests

As well as the number of checks that are being carried out during the inspections, the other half of the battle actually comes from how the tests are carried out. Vehicle inspections are only mostly static after all. The majority of the issues that will arise with a vehicle will come from when the car is in use. That means not just sat parked up. That is perfect for the more mechanical, structural and electrical issues, but there are a few issues that are almost camouflage even to experts until the vehicle s in motion. That’s why the road test in a vehicle inspection is essential.

Here’s how the two compare:

Click Mechanic

After a thorough check of the Click Mechanic service, it is actually unsure as to how they go about their testing procedure. The information is not disclosed on the website at the very least. A quote is present instead, simply stating:

“All our inspection checklists include a road test to examine the condition of important features such as the steering and braking, and give a clear idea as to whether a vehicle is roadworthy”

This can, therefore, be difficult to comment upon, and leaves the consumer slightly in the dark about what is going to be undertaken. For an inspection taking between 1-2 hours, however, for the prices involved, this may well be brief.


The CarExamer inspection service is industry leader and setting standard in the UK. Inspections are much more transparent regarding what is actually undertaken in any vehicle inspection package. The entire list of what occurs as well as intricate comparisons between the whole inspection service against other offered is available at the website.

Typically, the road tests with carExamer last for 15 minutes, with the cheaper services lasting for 10 minutes instead. Both of these provide sample time for an inspection and can be perfect for testing a variety of different stresses and situations that the car will likely go through.

Other services tend to test on a mileage basis instead of time, however, this often limits the maximum speeds or road types that the vehicle can use.

The Prices

Without a doubt, another huge part of what determines which the right inspection service is going to come from the price that they cost to use. You need to be maximising your value for money after all, as that’s one of the biggest reasons to get one in the first place. 

With multiple packages available, having variations in each inspection is an amazing way to make sure you’re tailoring your experience to your particular situation, no matter what it is. For some, that could be a quick and brief once over to make sure the car you’re buying isn’t going to break down. For others, it’s making sure that a high quality car is actually what it’s supposed to be without any problems that are going to cost you thousands. It all depends on you and your purchase.

Reflecting that, this is what the two have to offer

Click Mechanic

Looking again at Click Mechanic’s vehicle inspection service first, we can see the prices here:

  • Basic – From £86.44 – no diagnostic scan available, vehicle not raised, no pictures, no potential repair costs
  • Standard – From £104.00 – no diagnostic scan available, vehicle not raised, no pictures, no potential repair costs
  • Premium – From £146.38 – diagnostic scan available, vehicle raised, no body work inspection available, 4 pictures, no potential repair costs

These are actually some of the lowest prices in the entire industry for what they are. It’s tough to argue if you’re looking at things from a purely financial situation, although do remember what it is that you’re paying for.


CarExamer is priced slightly higher than click mechanic, but when looking at the differences in test quality, that much is understandable. It’s like shopping in Primark or M&S quality and service is much more apparent between two shops. As a specialist takes time to look over any car of your choice for a matter of hours, the more thorough checks will result in a slightly higher price. As a result however they do offer more depth as well. So you can use the report to negotiate the price with used car dealer or allow car dealer to rectify faults fount. This is the key area.

The prices and packages are:

The Weigh Up

When push comes to shove, the CarExamer tests are much more in depth and currently leading the car inspection service in industry in the UK and much more transparent, but as a result, they do cost more in comparison to the more very cheap inspections offered by Click Mechanic website.

Always make sure that you’re doing your research when deciding on which inspection service is going to be the best for what you are looking for, and remember that the purpose of them in the first place is to give you safety in your purchase and to give you power when negotiating the price with used car dealer.

Whatever you decide to do, inspections are never a bad idea, and if you need more information, contact us today and we’ll be happy to tell you more. Buying a car should never be a risk, and we’re always happy to help in every way that we can.

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