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Lexus Response to Vehicle Theft: Ensuring Customer Security and Peace of Mind

As a brand committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, Lexus acknowledges the gravity of the vehicle theft and remains steadfast in its dedication to addressing it effectively. In recent years, the automotive industry has witnessed a concerning trend in vehicle theft incidents, prompting manufacturers to revaluate their security measures.

Lexus understands that vehicle theft not only poses a significant financial burden but also compromises the safety and security of its valued customers. As such, the brand has taken proactive steps to enhance the security features of its vehicles and mitigate the risk of theft.

One of the key initiatives undertaken by Lexus is the development and implementation of advanced security hardware systems in its latest vehicle models. These systems, introduced in October 2021, are specifically designed to thwart the sophisticated tactics employed by criminals targeting Lexus vehicles. Since their introduction, Lexus has observed a notable decrease in thefts of the affected models, underscoring the effectiveness of these security enhancements.

Recognizing that older Lexus models may still be vulnerable to theft, the brand has committed to providing solutions to bolster the security of these vehicles. In collaboration with Toyota GB and other industry stakeholders, Lexus has invested in the development of official security hardware components tailored for models registered before October 2021. These components, designed to offer additional protection against theft, will soon be made available for fitting, further enhancing the security of older Lexus models.

Which models are affected by year?

Lexus modelsAffected years/months
Lexus LC / LC-C2017/03 – 2024/03
Lexus RC2017/03 – 2024/03
Lexus RX / RX L 450h2015/10 – 2022/10
Lexus ES2018/10 – 2024/02
Lexus GS / GS-F2015/11 – 2020/11
Lexus NX2017/09 – 2021/10
Lexus LS2017/10 – 2022/09
Lexus UX / UXe2018/10 – 2023/12

In addition to hardware upgrades, Lexus is committed to fostering open communication with its customers and providing support to address their security concerns. The brand will communicate directly with owners of older Lexus models to inform them of the availability of security upgrades and facilitate their installation through authorized Lexus dealers. Furthermore, Lexus offers a nationwide customer care initiative, providing protective plates to block access to the vehicle’s electronics, thereby augmenting security for Lexus owners. See vehicle checks.

Despite these proactive measures, Lexus acknowledges that vehicle theft remains an industry-wide challenge, affecting various manufacturers and models. To address this issue comprehensively, Lexus collaborates closely with insurance associations, law enforcement agencies, and theft prevention experts to stay ahead of emerging threats and develop robust security solutions.

Lexus understands the importance of transparency and accountability in its efforts to combat vehicle theft. While specific details of security enhancements may not be disclosed to avoid aiding potential criminals, the brand assures customers of its unwavering commitment to ensuring their safety and security on the road.

In conclusion, Lexus reaffirms its dedication to customer security and peace of mind by prioritizing the development and implementation of cutting-edge security solutions. Through proactive measures, collaborative partnerships, and ongoing communication with customers, Lexus aims to provide reassurance and confidence to Lexus owners worldwide.

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