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Ferrari Roma Service Schedule: Maintenance

Owning a Ferrari Roma is a privilege that comes with the responsibility of maintaining its peak performance. To assist owners in this endeavour, Ferrari has outlined a comprehensive service schedule tailored to ensure that the Roma continues to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. Let’s delve into the specifics of the Ferrari Roma service schedule, including the recommended maintenance tasks and intervals. Ferrari Rome service schedule Every 20,000 km/12000miles or 2 Years. Big bonus by owning a Ferrari is The Ferrari 7-Year Maintenance Program. The Ferrari Genuine Maintenance Program is included with all new regular production Ferrari vehicles made during or after model-year 2015—and that means your first seven years of scheduled routine maintenance are covered, free of charge!

Service Intervals:

The Ferrari Roma service schedule is structured around specific timeframes and mileage thresholds to address various aspects of vehicle maintenance. Here’s a breakdown of the recommended service intervals:

  1. Every 2 Years:
    • Replace braking system fluid
  2. Every 20,000 km/12000miles or 2 Years:
    • Check the state of wear of the engine ancillary belts
    • Change engine oil
    • Replace engine oil filter
    • Check engine oil level
    • Check gearbox oil level
    • Check for leaks from the gearbox
    • Check clutch oil level
    • Check the condition of exhausts
    • Check brake fluid level and relative lines
    • Ensure the electric parking brake (EPB) is working
    • Check engine coolant level and relative lines
    • Inspect the tightness of oil and fluid seals in the engine compartment
    • Check areas subject to fretting (lines and hoses)
    • Verify the tightness of engine and gearbox mounting bushings
    • Replace brake pads and discs if necessary
    • Visually inspect the tightness of suspension elements
    • Check indicators on the dashboard and reset the Service indicator
    • Verify tire pressure and wheel fastener tightness
    • Check the AC system
    • Replace dust/pollen filter
    • Check and lubricate controls and adjusting devices
    • Test the lighting system
    • Check fluid levels of windscreen wipers and washer systems
    • Conduct a road test of the vehicle
  3. Every 40,000 km/ 24000miles or 4 Years:
    • Replace air filter cartridges
  4. Every 60,000 km/36000miles or 8 Years:
    • Replace spark plugs
  5. Every 80,000 km/48000miles or 4 Years:
    • Replace engine ancillary belts
  6. At 100,000 km/60000miles:
    • Replace gearbox and differential oil
  7. Every 15 Years:
    • Check seat belts and pre-tensioners

Additional Information:

  • Ferrari emphasizes that adherence to the service schedule is crucial for maintaining the Roma’s performance and longevity.
  • The manufacturer offers a 7-year scheduled maintenance plan free, known as “Genuine Maintenance,” to ensure that the vehicle receives the necessary checks and inspections at predetermined intervals.
  • For vehicles subjected to heavy-duty usage, such as frequent operation in intense traffic or on dusty/sandy roads, certain maintenance tasks may need to be performed more frequently.
  • Ferrari’s authorized network of service centers is equipped with the tools and expertise to carry out the prescribed maintenance procedures using original Ferrari spare parts.
  • Owners are encouraged to consult their warranty booklet for detailed maintenance schedules and instructions.

By following the Ferrari Roma service schedule meticulously, owners can safeguard their investment and enjoy the exhilarating performance of this iconic Italian sports car for years to come. Oil change costs.

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