Car Selling

How to Make Your Car Worth More Money to Sell

When it comes to selling your car, it’s only natural to want to get the best price. There’s always more than one way to go about doing that, but boosting the value of your car and learning how to make your car worth more money as much as you can is a great thing to do no matter which route you take. It’s an asset to you after all.

Some people like to part exchange their car for a better price on a new car, some like to sell privately. No matter which way you choose, you need to make sure that you’re getting the best price for it. That’s where learning about selling comes into play. After that, however, there are still a few things you can do to bump up the value of your car that little bit more. They are little things that make a huge difference. How to sell it privately.


The first thing that we would always recommend to you is to get the right documentation in place for your car. Make sure that you have everything you need to sell your car safely, quickly and legally, above all else. That’s vital.

All of the important documents are wise, but especially make sure you have your V5 and your finance details if need be. You need to be able to make sure that your new buyer has faith in your car, even if they do an HPI check of their own. Looking at how to make your car worth more always started from the work it’ll take to fix.

Service History

Another incredibly valuable asset to your car is the service history that you can provide with it. It’s worth its weight in gold if you are regularly getting your car checked over, and it adds some serious weight to the value.

Servicing is always going to be an important detail when it comes to cars, try and get started as soon as you can. It immediately tells your buyer that you look after the car and there is much less risk of anything going wrong with it for the new owner.

Refresh MOT

An MOT is an MOT. If you’re truly looking at how to make your car worth more, it’s by adding more life to your MOT. It’s something that you have to have to be able to legally drive and it is what it is. What’s more important for the value of your car however is that you get one that is as new as possible. It makes sense since it’s a garages seal of approval for a road-legal car.

On top of this, there’s another little win too. It means that it’s something that the new owner doesn’t have to do themselves for the longest time possible. That’s an awesome thing to have.

Find Your Spare Parts (& Keys)

On a much smaller level, this is just as much about convenience as it is about saving money for the new buyer. Spares are always hard to come by, so save any that you have to boost the value of your car instantly.

Spare keys are one of the biggest examples of this, so they’re a great one to get behind. Wheel nuts and spare tyres are a close second, and you should try and make sure they’re all ready if you can. It may make a significant difference from something that’s easy to forget.

Used Car Inspection

This may sound slightly biased, but it’s a big thing to remember. A used car check is one of the single greatest assets a car can have. It is like a service and MOT combined and it tells you everything you could possibly need to know about your car.

There are different types of checks out there for you to choose from too, so even if your car value is fairly low, a cheap option can make a serious difference in what someone is willing to pay for your car. You’re putting in the effort to demonstrate just how solid your car is, and that can be a game-changer. It’s a small investment for a larger payout most of the time.

Clean it!

Finally, we have some general advice on protecting your car. Clean it. Make sure your car is nice and tidy when it comes to getting rid. It says a lot about your time with your car and how you’ve probably treated it throughout your ownership. Don’t take it for granted.

It’s also a smart idea to try and deal with any other issue you may have like scrapes, scratches, bulbs, and anything else you can easily fix yourself. It may be a small cost to you, but it’d be a lot greater to your car value if someone else notices it. Think ahead and do what you can.

All of these are great ways to help make your car worth more money, and they’re all seriously easy to do. Do whatever you can to get the most form your car. Good luck! Check other options Autotrader, Check Gumtree, CarGuru, Ebay, Motors, Facebook marketplace, online buying guide.