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Why Will Diesel Cars Really Be Banned?

Diesel has always been one of the most widely used fuels in the motoring industry, and given its rivalry to petrol, it’s understandable to see why. It tends to be a much cheaper option to use in the long run, and it even seems to cost less in the sort too. That’s all well and good. Despite this, however, diesel is still disappearing with the hopes of a ban. We just need to find out why, and what that means for us in the future.

To do that, we need to do a few different things. Here, we’re looking at every step of the journey of present to future. It’s all with the aim of helping you see the truth about what diesel really is, and where it’s heading. All of this is due to take place over the next 20 years so it’s always worth being ready for.

What we Know about Diesel

A great place to start with this topic is by looking at where we are with diesel already. It’s been around for decades as one of the most convenient fuels to use to get around, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best after all.


The biggest selling point that comes with diesel is simply that it is just so cheap to use for long journeys. Although it might not be the most practical choice for staying around town, once you get a few miles on the clock or if you travel for work, the cost decrease can be seriously high. That’s a massive benefit and what made it so popular in the first place.

Worse for the Environment

With anything that good, there are bound to be downsides, and as to will diesel be banned, it might be a big thing. In reality, it comes almost entirely down to it being bad for the environment. We already know that much since it pumps out so much co2, but the real problem with that is what else it is doing to us.

Why Diesel is Disappearing

So that’s where we are right now. The next step is to look at why things are changing so rapidly and so dramatically. The aim for the UK especially is to be diesel-free by 2040 at the latest after all and massively reduced by 2030. There must be a good reason if we’re phasing it out completely. In fact, there are 2.

Global Warming

The first is by looking at the massive damage that we are doing to the planet. It is not good news, and with everything else that’s already going on right now, we need to act fast. That’s one of the biggest reasons all of this happened in the first place. All of the excess pollution we’re causing by using diesel as well as fossil fuels, in general, is that we’re having seriously detrimental effects on the environment. Every industry is feeling the impact and making the changes, and for cars, diesel is the biggest.

Public Health

The other side of the coin for whether diesel will be banned is the pollution is what that means for our health. It’s something that most of us don’t think about since it’s something we can’t see, but it’s vital. It is lifechanging. The additional gasses that are polluting the air from diesel also means that there’s seriously bad news for our lungs. The air pollution has a huge range of adverse health effects, and according to the NHS, it actually directly attributes to 30% of all preventable deaths in the UK. That’s a huge number, all just by using too much fossil fuels!

What should you do?

So now that we know how bad the effects of using diesel as a fuel can be and why we need to look at getting rid, we also need to know what to do now. Will diesel be banned, what should we be doing to prepare for disappearing diesel, and how can we help fight the damage? The answer is always negotiable, but there are something’s to prepare for.

Look to the future

The biggest thing we need to do as a whole and as a world is starting to look at renewable energy. That’s why electric cars have so many benefits and why they are so popular at the moment. They fight all of these things directly, and that’s why they can be useful to have. By 2030, the country aims for 50% of all new car sales to be electric if not hybrid, so it’s going to happen sooner or later. The quicker we join in, the quicker this will hopefully happen.

Taxes Incoming

On the more personal side of things, we’re also likely to see a lot more taxes coming into play as a result of using diesel as fuel. It makes sense after everything we have looked at since it’s causing so much damage, so it may actually be cheaper, in the long run, to get rid sooner. It’s a personal choice, but like we have seen across the globe and even with things like ULEZ’s popping up, it is happening whether we like it or not. Be ahead of the game.

Ultimately, will diesel be banned? almost certainly. Diesel is disappearing purely because of the negative impact it is having on life as a whole. That comes from the planet as well as our own lives individually. It’s a problem that will only get worse, so the sooner we can take action, hopefully, the better the fallout will be for us all. Try to think long term when it comes to driving and do what’s best for you as well as others.

Technology always has and always will keep on evolving past the limits we have now, and hopefully, another cheaper alternative to diesel will result as a lack of it existing. Electric car advancements are growing every single day, and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the fuel of the future. Get on board with a reliable car and you’re surely onto a winner. See also electric vs petrol.

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