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Electric Vs Petrol Car: Which Should You Buy

This clash of the titans looks at electric vs petrol car to see which you should be buying the next time you’re need new vehicle. When you’re looking at which car is going to be the perfect fit for what you need, there’s an awful lot for you to think about. You need to look at sizes, types, models, brands, features, conditions… the works. One thing that’s becoming more and more apparent in this list, however, is looking at electric cars, and how they stand up vs petrol cars and even diesel too.  It’s a choice we’ll all need to face at some point or another, and the tables are turning a lot quicker than people think.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are certainly not without their benefits. They have a huge list of ways they can make your life easier and cheaper too in many cases, but when we pitch them head to head vs petrol cars in particular, they have a couple of points that help them really stand out from the crowd.

Evolving Technology

One of the fastest growing advantages of electric vs petrol cars is that electric cars have some of the most revolutionary technology going. They are always getting better and better and that just makes them more desirable as a result. In recent years, we have huge mileage battery life, self-charging, and even hybrid usage too in some situations. It’s a great thing to get in on early.

Cheaper Running Costs

Another huge win of electric cars is that they are incredibly efficient in terms of their running costs. Mostly, that comes down to electricity as a fuel. With the right tariff, it is much cheaper to run a car on electricity than on fossil fuels. It’s also worth noting that you’ll likely face much fewer issues with maintenance issues too since there are fewer working parts involved in how they work.

Encouragement and Incentives

Lastly, it’s also always a good idea to look at what’s coming as well as what’s happening at the moment. Electric cars are receiving a huge amount of support from all walks of life. They’re good for the environment which is a priority for the whole world, and there are more and more incentives and accessible charging points every day as a result. It’s only going to get easier and more logical to think about switching from your petrol car.

Petrol Cars

Just because electric cars are more economical vs petrol cars, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. Just like looking at petrol vs diesel, petrol always has its benefits too and they are hard to beat because of how common they are in our lives.

Cheaper Buying Prices

The biggest impact that the common ownership of petrol cars has is the price that comes from them. There are all kinds of vehicles out there covering all budgets too. That means you can always pick up an effecive car for your price range and meet all your needs for potentially much less than a quality electric car.

Accessible Fuelling and Maintenance

As well as it being easy to find and cheap to buy petrol vehicles, it’s also a lot easier to find the services you need to keep them running too. Although electric cars go wrong less often than petrol cars, they are also harder to find. With a petrol vehicle though, you can get work done just about anywhere, and fuel for that matter too. It can make the world of difference especially if you love somewhere off the radar.

Known and Loved

Lastly, the electric vs petrol car argument still has to take into account our feelings after all. Although society is warming to electric vehicles at a rapid rate, they are still not as popular as petrol cars. It’s hard to change habits that we know and love, and for a lot of car enthusiasts or just the average Joe, change isn’t easy.

The Winner

With all this said and done, there is no winner for which is a better choice. Electric cars are often cheaper to keep and run, but likely cost more to buy and are a little bit harder to repair when that rare case does happen. Find a car that fits your individual needs, and you can always make the switch in later life. Whatever you do, make sure you’re buying a solid, safe and sturdy vehicle that will always give you what you need from it, without the nasty surprises.

Do your homework, stay safe, and happy driving!

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