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The Best Used ULEZ Exempt Cars

The ULEZ is only getting more and more important as time goes on, and with the used car market getting more and more popular too, finding the best used ULEZ exempt cars is a topic a lot of people are talking about. With more choice on the market than ever before and so many different fuel types and engine sizes too, it’s a minefield.

These are the 5 best used ULEZ exempt cars on the market in our own professional opinions, as well as looking at the reputation that they have online. They are all incredible performers in their respective classes, and they can all more than cater for driving around the city.

The Best Electric – Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is one of the most highly regarded electric vehicles on the market at the moment, no matter what aspect of performance you look at. It is massively reliable, hugely popular, and as far as the EV technology goes, it’s often regarded as being the best in class for everything that it has to offer. 

Although the Zoe has a 0-60 of over 8 seconds, it has a great 0-40 performance as most EVs do, and as of 2016, it does also has a huge range of up to 250 miles per charge to offer too. That makes it an incredible city and motorway car and can manage almost any ULEZ commuting you need to do, and with passengers.

The Best Hybrid – Hyundai Iconiq

The Hyundai Iconiq is a vehicle that isn’t as highly regarded as many others on the list, but despite that, still has a huge offering to anyone that drives it. It has three different options of electrification with two of which being hybrids, both of which are great for the ULEZ and for day to day use both in and out of the city alike.

With this said, however, although it is highly regarded as a hybrid vehicle and in a wide variety of variations, that isn’t to say it’s the comfiest of hybrids you can buy. Many reviews are saying that it is a little bit hard on the suspension and that its interior is lacking unless you get a high spec model, but we’d suggest looking yourself before you make any judgements. It could just be a hidden gem.

The Best Diesel – BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is an incredible performer in every situation, and it is absolutely one of the best used ULEZ exempt cars for that exact reason. Depending on the age and mileage, you can get it in a range of different prices and performance levels almost all of which are ULEZ compliant. That even goes for many of the older models, although with diesel especially, it is worth looking more intricately before you buy.

With so many different versions of the 3 Series out there and world renowned performance, comfort and reliability, the series really is a people’s champion, and with the diesel-engined variants being so popular across the UK, they are easy to find in all kinds of conditions too. It can make a big difference when you have multiple options available to you.

The Best Petrol – VW Golf

The VW Golf is simply a classic in the UK and as well as being one of the best family cars, performance vehicles and hatchbacks as a whole. That goes for the ULEZ too, with even the sportiest of Golfs more than meeting the core requirements for the ULEZ  and meaning again that it’s an ideal performer for any petrol model.

The Golf is known for being one of the most iconic, popular and high quality hatchbacks on the road at the moment, so it only makes sense that it earned its place here. With prices for the used golf ranging anywhere from 10k upwards too for compliant models (pretty much anything from 2005 onwards), it’s hard to argue with.

The Best Under £10,000 – Ford Fiesta

Finally, finding the best used ULEZ exempt cars doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. With the ULEZ for petrol cars meaning that you can have almost anything post 2005 or post 2015 for diesels, there is a huge range of options available to you to suit exactly what you need from a car.

If we were to choose a particularly reliable and not decade old choice for under 10,000 however, it would almost certainly have to be the Ford Fiesta. While it is not the most exciting of cars on the road,d the fiesta has still proven time and time again that its comfort and reliability as well as low price point mean that it is an ideal candidate for drivers across the UK. 


All in all, there are all kinds of vehicles available that are exempt from the ULEZ charges, especially if you’re looking for petrol or electric vehicles. The most important thing with any used car purchase isn’t always deciding which model is the best choice for you to go for, but more so, to make sure that whatever you do choose to buy, you can buy with confidence. That’s as well as using a service like CarExamer to check over a used car for you.

Always buy something that you know is not damaged and that you can put your faith in as a driver. If something goes wrong and you are liable to fix it, you may be better off paying the ULEZ charge when you need to be in the ULEZ anyway. Car repairs are no walk in the park, and it’s always best to be as safe as possible before you part with your money. See also best suv’s.

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