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The 5 Cheapest Used Electric Cars in the UK in 2021

Take a look at the 5 cheapest used electric cars in the UK right now to get you into the EV world without buying something you’ll regret. When it comes to finding the cheapest used electric cars in the UK, the choice is actually a lot greater than you might expect. There are a number of great models out there at seriously reasonable prices. Practically anyone in the used car market can get their hands on one, and in great condition too, and we’ve found some of the best.

In our endless experience of used cars on the market, we’ve seen more and more used electric cars coming into the common equation. To help you find the best possible deal, we have scoured the web to find consistent and reliable prices from credible sources, all to help you understand what’s out there right now. 

We looked at hundreds of used cars to make sure our research was spot on. To make things fair and realistic, all of our searches were for used electric vehicles, all with under 40k miles on the clock, and all from 2016, making them 5 years old at the time of writing. Buying used electric car what to know.

Let’s take a look

Renault Zoe – 7-8K

The Renault Zoe is one of the most popular used cars on the market at the moment, and for good reason. It is one of the most highly praised EVs on the market, winning all kinds of awards for its practicality and its affordability, and is proving to be a really great first EV for many trying to get on the market without having to skimp out on quality.

It has 86-134 bhp depending on the model variant and a 0-60 of 8.1 seconds, making it a great runner and not too bad on the performance either for the size of the vehicle. The 2016 model had huge improvements to battery life, meaning it has just short a range of 250 miles on a full charge. The only thing to be wary of is if the battery is leased, as this can be a pain down the line.

Nissan Leaf – 8-9K

The Nissan Leaf is one of the pioneers of the EV market. It was one of the first to be a mainstream and affordable Ev in the UK, and that’s why there are so many going on the market at such great prices even today. In fact, it’s the biggest selling used car in the UK to date, even with it being slightly slower than many others, having a 0-60 of over 11s (but still having the torque to get you moving quickly)

It’s a hatchback, with 5 doors and 5 seats just like the Zoe, but it has a lower range than a lot of the other cheapest used electric cars on the market in the UK, having only 155 miles of range on a single charge. The more luxurious models may have even less than this, but as far as reliability goes, it could be a real winner.

BMW i3 – 14-15K

The BMW i3 is the only electric model provided by the powerhouse brand, aside from the much sportier i8. It’s a great runner and again is one of the longest-serving models of EV on the market, launched back in 2013. It has a fascinating aesthetic that tends to be more of a love it or hate it kind of design, but with its added carbon fibre build, it’s one of the safer models on the market too.

It’s slightly smaller and slower than most other EVs on the list but is still more than adequate for driving around town. It has a top speed of just under 80mph which is actually lower than the leaf, but with an acceleration of 0-60 in under 7 seconds, it makes up for it in most cases outside of motorway driving, although it does have a range of just under 200 miles.

Mercedes B Class – 15-17K

The electric Mercedes B Class looks just like the regular production B class, but of course, takes things to a much more eco-friendly level. It is certainly one of the more practical vehicles for those with larger car needs since it’s much roomier. 

It boasts a bhp of over 175 which is always a great thing for a car of its size, and it can reach up to 100mph because of it too, meaning it can be nippy on the motorway as well as around town. Sadly, the range is what lets this car down for those who drive more than 100 miles in a day. It has a range of under 100 miles, which makes it impractical for any commuters that drive distance and don’t have to charge at work.

Volkswagen e Golf – 15-17K

Finally, the e-Golf is another fantastic all-rounder EV, and costing only between 15 and 17 thousand pounds, it’s still an extremely strong value for money purchase. The car is a classic model, and the EV variant makes sure it doesn’t do anything to change that aside from making it much quieter to drive, with no compromise to comfort or handling either.

The low points for the vehicle are that it only has a top speed of 85mph, but, what it does have is a rapid acceleration until it reaches around 50mph. In fact, it’s reported to be faster 0-40 than a Golf GTi. It has a range of around 100 miles, which again is low, but fine if you can charge it overnight daily and don’t do distance driving. It really is one of the best used electric cars in the UK, even if it is also one of the cheapest.


All in all, used cars are more accessible now than ever before, and for under 20k and even under 10 for the smaller models, you can get a great performing, reliable used electric car that would serve you just as well as any other powered vehicle could do. Whether you choose a modern and in your face i3 or the sleek e-golf, there really is something for everyone. See some driving apps.

Just remember to buy carefully like always with used cars, and remember to check it thoroughly before you buy, or better still, have a pro do it for you. What is economical car.

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