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Getting Your Car Ready for Summer

Summer is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the finer things in life, but for the most part, that revolves around your car doing what it needs to and being just as ready for summer as you are. To make sure that that’s the case, there are a few really useful habits that you need to start looking into right away to make sure your car is as summer prepared as it can be.

All of these are really useful ways to make sure that your car is as ready as ever for the fun times ahead of you while making sure you’re doing everything that you can to prevent the worst from happening. With the heat being stong and usage increasing, they only get harder for your vehicle, so listen up and take plenty of notes. 


Above all else, make sure that your car is topped up with plenty of water and coolant where required. Overheating is one of the biggest causes of breakdowns in summer because of the heat outside and the stresses that this puts onto your vehicle and the liquids inside it as a result. It’s relentless and the temperature is increased. Top up and keep on top of it, ideally every month or 500 miles at least just to be safe. 

Summer Tyres 

Winter tyres are one of the first things that people do when the weather worsens, but to prepare your car for summer, you need to switch them back again when they’re wearing out. All-season tyres can work as well providing you’re not pushing your car to its limits, but make sure you have something that will respond to the heat and give you the grip that you need. Part worn tyres can do this very cheaply if needed.

Oil Levels 

Oil is something that always gets used no matter what time of year, but with the often dramatic increase of travel in the summer months, making sure you have enough can be essential to prevent breakdowns. It should ideally last you around 3000 miles between charges for the most part, but just keep an eye out and keep topped up. An oil and filter change can even be a good call if you’re really getting the miles in. 

Brake Fluid 

Brake fluid is exactly the same as the oil levels in terms of severity and can also be impacted by the weather in some cases as the brakes don’t cool as much as they do in winter. It’s a slight difference, but with the added heat of the roads, it never hurts to be cautious. 

Wiper Fluid 

Wiper fluid is not always something that is so heavily impacted in winter, but to get your car ready summer, you do need to remember that your tank is full of water and that there are a lot of insects out there as well as a lot less rain. The result is often a much higher fluid usage and it can be really pivotal to safe driving should anything happens to mark your windscreen. Always keep a spare bottle to hand. 


Finally, although it’s no so important for your car health or safety, cleaning is still always a good idea. With an increase in glare that summer presents, cleaning your glass especially is always a good idea, as well as any other debris that could have built up over the months prior especially with a lot lower usage. It also helps to reflect a lot of the heat for a large part which keeps you cooler as well, so it can be a win-win. 

Bonus: Prep 

Although this is by no means as important as the other points on this list, making sure that you stay safe in summer when you’re driving does also mean you have your provisions to hand. Always make sure that you’re prepared for anything that can go wrong in any weather, but with high temperatures, try to carry water around that can be used for personal or vehicle use, as well as things like first aid kits, puncture repair tools, spares, jump leads, flares, and any documents or breakdown cover that can be applied. The more you’ll be driving, the more important this one is. 


Ultimately, summer driving is much less hazardous than winter driving, but, your car still needs to prepare and get ready for that extra heat. Always keep an eye on your fluids to ensure nothing is running low, and really watch out for any sign of overheating. 

If you’re buying a car specifically to benefit in summer, make sure you’re checking out everything that is relevant there too. Check your engines temperature health, oil health, and ay electrical systems like convertible roofs or AC systems as well. See why buying a car in winter is more difficult.

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