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Are Part Worn Tyres Safe to Rely On?

Part worn tyres are far from a new invention in the motoring world, but they are still as controversial as ever. For a huge number of people, they can actually be a lifeline to ensuring safety in the long term, but really understanding the situation behind them is what we need to know. To get that done, we’re here to help. We’re here to take a look at how safe part worn tyres really are, and all of the other benefits they can have to offer you too.

Like everything with cars, however, part worn tyres still aren’t a black and white story. There’s still a large amount of debate around them. Some people swear by them, and others just can’t quite justify the choice. Wherever you stand, let’s look at what we can learn.

What Classes as a Part Worn Tyre?

It’s always smart to have a top-down perspective when looking at cars, so before you decide if part worn tyres are safe for you, let’s take that approach here. What actually are part worn tyres? Essentially, they do what they say on the tin. Part worn tyres are tyres that have already been used on another vehicle.

Generally speaking, they come from cars that are being sold or even tuned up. If a car is being sold by a dealership, for example, they may choose to replace all tyres with new to boost the value. If a car is being scrapped, the tyres may still be in great condition. They can come from anywhere for any reason.

Are Part Worn Tyres Really Safe?

Because of all of this uncertainty, this is where the questions of part worn tyre safety come into play. Part worn tyres are vague. There’s no one size fits all. All tyres have been used to different extents, and you need to decide for yourself where the cut-off lies. This is where price fluctuates too, so it really can be a buyer’s market.

To make sure that any part worn tyres you’re looking at are safe, you need to find out for yourself. Take the time to look into the wear of the tyres closely, how much tread is left, and how many miles the tyres have done if you can already. It all comes down to every single individual tyre, and you need to sue your best judgement (although most sellers won’t buy poor condition tyres, so bear that in mind too!).

What are the benefits of part worn Tyres?

With all of this uncertainty around about part worn tyres, why is it that people are still buying them after all? There must be benefits to part worn tyres, after all, otherwise, they wouldn’t still be around. That’s where we need to take things one step further, and really look at what they have to offer.

Lower Costs

The first and often the biggest reason for most people to buy part worn tyres is that they are so much cheaper than buying new. As long as you have checked that the tyres are safe to use and they will last you a reasonable amount of time, they are a much cheaper option than buying new. In fact, they’re often less than half the price of the same tyre brand new. It’s a lot like buying a used vs new car.

Value for Money

Because of this huge reduction in price that comes from buying part worn tyres, it also means you can really make the most of your value for money too. If you’re dead set against buying used you may jump straight into the market for a brand-new low-quality budget tyre instead, and that’s fine. You know what you’re getting. The difference, however, is that for less money, you can actually get a better quality and actually better gripping longer-lasting tyre in many cases. It all comes down to the tyre after all, but the potential is immediately there.

Environmentally friendly

Lastly, for all of the earth lovers out there, another big win for part worn tyres is that we’re cutting down on those negative emissions. By making less waste and disregarding perfectly good vehicle materials, we’re making a much greener choice when we drive our cars. There’s less work being put into sourcing and creating materials, manufacturing, shipping, and then discarding either. You’re getting all that you can from them. It’s a huge deal.

Should You buy Part Worn Next Time?

So we’ve done the biggies already. Are part worn tyres safe? Almost always. Are they better than new tyres? It depends on what you buy, like always. Should you buy part worn tyres in the future? That part is entirely up to you. It comes down to a few different things, even with safety in the equation.

How many miles are you doing?

A great starting point is by looking at your driving. How many miles are you doing on a weekly basis? If you’re really racking up the miles, maybe part worn isn’t for you. It could last less time and actually result in costing more. It might not, depending on the tyre, but it’s a whole new topic.

How is your budget looking?

Part worn tyres are massively cheaper. If you’re working to a budget, these can be a great way to make your money go further and still have a great performance tyre, or even a super cheap budget tyre if that’s the most important thing to you. It’s even more of a good thing if you’re putting off buying tyres at all just to save money. You’re putting your own safety at risk by doing this anyway.

Think Carefully

Ultimately, if you’re not sure whether part worn tyres are safe, never mind a good fit, then you need to have a long, hard think. They can be a great way to save money and even get more for it, but you may need to change them more frequently as a result.

Whatever you end up doing, above all else, make sure you’re inspecting carefully. Really do your homework and look at what you’re buying and what else is out there. Be careful, drive safely, and don’t leave it last minute.

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