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Ford Fiesta Vs Focus: Which is Better

The battle of Ford Fiesta Vs Focus is one of the biggest in the car world, and that’s hard to argue with. With one being the best selling car in the UK and the other not far behind, both from the biggest selling manufacturer, it’s easy to see why. Hundreds of people want this question answered once and for all, but as always, it depends on you, the potential driver. When buying any of these two vehicle types get vehicle inspection to assess vehicles condition.

To make the Feistea Vs Focus battle easier to come to terms with, however, we have broken it down into 4 key areas. They are:

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • Space

Each one is just as important as the last, and collectively, they will matter more to some than others. As experts in the industry, however, we certainly have a thing or two to say about them both.


One of the first places people look when buying a car, in general, is the price. Whether you’re on a budget, like to save money, or just looking for something that’s great value, price is at at centre of it all. Luckily for both of these, the price for both new and used is very reasonable. Their running costs are almost identical too, with the smaller-engined and eco boost versions of the cars even offering no road tax.

Generally speaking, you can buy either one for close to the £20,000 mark. Looking into the used market, that halves very quickly even after just 2-3 years. When comparing the two together, the difference is still present though. That tends to be anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 pounds on average. For the small differences between the vehicles, that can be enough of an argument on its own.


In category two of the showdown, performance comes into the limelight. Performance is something that just about anybody looks for in a car. Whether you enjoy driving and find it fun or just want something that can get you out of a hazardous situation quickly, performance is useful. With two smallish cars, they’re both nippy but do still have their differences too. The fiesta is 200kg lighter after all.

Generally speaking, the Fiesta is actually the faster of the two, even Vs the Focus bigger image. With the use of turbo in so many cars on the road today, engine sizes are often smaller than they used to be. As a result, both of these models often have just a 1L engine now, and when this is the case, the Fiesta packs between 10-20 bhp more than the Focus. That’s a big difference when you’re looking at around the 120-130bhp marks.


Next up in the debate often comes the comfort that is so often questioned when it comes to any small car. We’re delighted to actually say the for both, there’s not much that your car really argues with either. They’re both roomy for their size, have nice features, and are pretty quiet as well.

When they are pitted head to hear though, it is clear that the focus comes into a league of its own in this sense. With nicer interior features, more through feeling steering, better suspension and a general more well-rounded handling, the focus makes the bumps and bends of the road that the fiesta might feel a bit jittery with feel like nothing at all.


Finally, again with any vehicles being compared, space is an important part of the buying decision when you’re looking at vehicles. Cars have to be practical for you and your family or situation, and if you buy a car that doesn’t fit the bill, you’re either wasting money or regretting your choice. It’s a tough balance.

The Fiesta is a very spacious small car, to get the ball rolling. It has ample headroom inside, and the seats go very far back to accommodate even the taller drivers out there, which is great. The downside is that any back seat passengers may not agree with this. The middle seat especially is almost unusable, and there’s not much legroom.

The focus however is the total opposite. As one of the most purchased family cars out there, it has a huge amount of room for passengers and the driver alike. It also has a very spacious boot for luggage as well. It’s a win-win really for a very small price difference.


All in all, the winner of the Fiesta vs Focus battle is pretty simple. If you’re looking for performance on a budget from a small, nippy car, the fiesta is your answer. If you’re more interested in comfort and a roomier vehicle, the Focus is absolutely the answer. That’s really all that there is to it. Buying a Ford fiesta or Focus.