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What is a BMW M Sport?

The BMW M Sport package is essentially a design package available in almost every model of BMW. Named after the famous BMW M range, the M Sport trim is the most luxurious and comprehensive level of trim available, bringing in the latest features, comforts, enhancements and M series quality equipment, as well as many exterior features too.

BMW is already renowned as one of the most prestigious vehicle brands on the market, and the M Sport simply enhances this further. Often the biggest changes are in the dashboard features, seats and interior, but the changes can be as widespread as the exterior and wheels too.

What is the M Sport Trim Worth?

The M Sport package is typically worth up to £2000 – £5000 more than the previous spec of any BMW. Although that is not a huge difference in the grand scheme of BMW pricing, it is still a sizable amount of money to invest in a vehicle’s interior.

The great thing too is that this value often survives largely into resale value for vehicles in the M Sport category. The added luxury holds up well as well as the sporty tweaks to give the cars much more for their worth in resale.

Is it the Same as an M Model?

A common question about the M Sport trim in any BMW model is how it differs from the M models, or if it differs at all. The answer is a dramatic, yes. The M series of BMWs are some of the best performing cars on the road from the brands under supercar status. 

Any M model of BMW will far surpass any M Sport trim standard series BMW by quite a long shot. The M models of BMW are designed on professional motorsport vehicles and have much better engines and features in general, designed for serious performance at a much higher price, often more than double the base model price too.

What Specific Features Are Different?

So what is the difference between a base model and an M Sport trim? Well, there are actually a number of them, all notable in their differences.

BMW M Sport Wheels

Wheel Size

The first thing to note is that the wheels on an M Sport model are often larger than on other models. They also have more intricate alloys, giving a sleek and sophisticated look to any model they’re seen on.


As well as the wheel size, M Sport models are also given the iconic callipers from the M series BMWs. Most commonly in the iconic blue, they are near impossible to miss and really bring an eye catching visual to the car’s exterior.

Air Intake

The grille of the M Sport trim is made black rather than silver, and also gives space for the M brand to be used across the exterior of the car.


On the topic of branding, this is reflected on the inside of the vehicle as well as outside. The branding can be seen on almost every surface, from the seats to the steering wheel and dashboard.

BMW M Sport Steering Wheel


The seats are replaced in an M Sport trim with the sportier seats offered by BMW in the higher performance vehicles. These are designed for comfort and performance alike, as well as having a few hidden luxuries built into them too.

Leather Interior

The seats as well as the rest of the interior in the M sport vehicles is top of the range, mostly leather. This really adds extra value and comfort to the vehicle rather than just looking at sportier features.


All in all, M Sport is just another notch on the BMW belt of incredible vehicles. The main differences are in comfort and aesthetic rather than performance but for the small price increase, that is very easy to justify for the extra price too. 

If you’re on the fence about buying once, if your budget permits, such a small increase in expense really can make a car feel like a new world of luxury and make your whole driving experience much better. Ultimately, like with all things vehicle, it does still all come down to preference.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to buy safely. Even M sport or the M series itself can have issues in their models, especially when they have been used a lot or owned by more aggressive drivers.

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