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CarExamer Vs DEKRA Vehicle Inspections

Compare CarExamer against DEKRA vehicle inspections to demonstrate how to get the best value from your vehicle inspections. When looking at vehicle inspection providers. It is worth to know. Vehicle inspections are an incredibly useful service when it comes to purchasing used cars, and there are a few different providers out there that you can use to get them. Some industry all-rounders like the AA and the RAC are providers of vehicle inspections these companies don’t specialise on inspections in our opinions just utilising they name more than anything else in this industry, those name are breakdown assistance companies honestly speaking, but there are also unique specialists in the service too, like CarExamer. CarExamer is already leading UK vehicle inspection service platform in such short time since operation began and operating across the whole of England, Scotland, Wales and the British Isles too. Offers comprehensive used car inspections at industry leading prices no matter what customers are looking from Motorhomes, classic cars to luxury and supercars, and with different levels of inspections to suit all customers, it’s easy to find one that suits customer best. Each of them has their benefits as a service, and they can bring a whole new light to the potential of vehicle inspections. Biggest difference in the market currently not only in UK, but worldwide there is no vehicle inspection standard. CarExamer platform have created a inspection standard so inspectors can follow blueprint on what and how inspections needs to be conducted to avoid complaints. Inspectors inspect vehicles as they would be buying one for themselves. Customer reviews already placing CarExamer’s used car inspection service in the leading position in the UK.

Extra features from CarExamer is as follows. It does also need to be noted when focussing on the value of the inspections on offer that CarExamer has many service bonuses that are included in these figures. They aren’t always well known, and aren’t definitely not common among other services. This includes features such as an online portal to view your inspection updates in real-time, regular notification updates on every step of the booking progress, communication with inspector internally, potential repair costs, unlimited vehicle images as required, *free cancellations simply available from personal account, same day vehicle inspection options and loyalty discounts, multi-buy discounts all work together to give the best possible value for money from one of the only specialist inspection services that are on the market. If you are unsure about what you need and are looking to multiple inspections, that can make the prices even more favourable to you.

CarExamer and DEKRA are some of the most valued in the industry. Both services have a renowned customer base and solid reputations as businesses, but to know which service is going to fit your own personal needs in the best possible way, looking into their differences can be a really reliable differentiator.

To help show the comparison between the CarExamer and DEKRA vehicle services, we’re here comparing the packages offered, what is included, the prices charged and the overall value of the service as a result. There’s a lot of information to look at after all, but to ensure you’re making the best possible choices, you need to be aware of the facts.

The Inspections Available

The largest area to look at when determining the best fit for your vehicle inspection needs is with the packages that the two providers have to offer. Each has their own specific and individually built packages to suit any range of needs, but you need to know which will be the best fit by learning what’s included in them, first.


Having been around for years across the world, DEKRA has a fairly limited selection of packages to offer when it comes specifically to vehicle inspections. There are three to choose from on the website, all of which have the basics included and simply go into more and more depth. These include:

  • Peace of Mind Inspection
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
  • High Performance Vehicle Inspection

These packages do have some discrepancies, however. Although you may be looking to find the best fit, it is important to remember that these packages have limitations. For example, the peace of mind Inspection is limited to:

  • Vehicles up to 10 years old,
  • no sports or high performance vehicles
  • no 4x4s

This can cause issues when looking for cost minimisation, so do bear that in mind.


CarExamer actually has four packages available rather than just the three. This can be an even better way to make sure that you are choosing the perfect package for your situation. The packages on offer are:

  • Engineers report
  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium

Again, these packages only go up in value and specificity to help ensure you’re getting the level of service and minimal risk that your car warrants. Unlike DEKRA, there are no limitations with CarExamer either, as all vehicles are eligible for any service:

  • All inspections are Guaranteed*
  • Potential repair costs provided
  • Have extended warranty packages available to protect you from future breakdowns
  • Have a very high reputation in the trade and we are highly respected; all inspectors are fully insured. We’re not just an online market place our passion is transparency in used vehicle purchasing
  • CarExamer works with handpicked individuals only who are the best at what they do with high ethical standards and extreme professionalism. Fully qualified professional technicians are our minimum standard
  • Offer a personal approach to every vehicle inspection carried out by inspectors. We have developed a blueprint and internal set standards so every inspection carried out by inspectors has the same completion process according to the selected inspection package
  • CarExamer inspector’s priority is to protect you and made you aware of potential issues with the vehicle and provide you an understanding of the overall vehicle condition and potential repair costs so you can make the best decision
  • CarExamer booking process is simple, clear and transparent
  • Full Control of your booking from your account for any updates on the inspection and have a communications dashboard with the inspector
  • Find out inspection early results while the inspector is filling out the report it’s a Sneak-peak of the inspection process while the inspector is capturing the vehicle’s condition get a sense of the condition of the vehicle before the inspection is fully complete
  • Report available in 3-5 hours from starting inspection depending on the inspection type selected. All reports are available securely in your account
  • Choose the level of inspection that suits you – basic, standard or premium
  • No age limit on vehicles inspected
  • Save 20% when you book multiple car inspections at the same address
  • Free cancellations, before 4 hours of appointment time after 2 hours full amount
  • Enjoy customer loyalty discounts- After the first completed inspection- 1st Inspection 5% discount, 2nd Inspection 7% discount, 3rd Inspection 10% discount, 4th Inspection 12% discount, 5th Inspection 15% discount, 6th Inspection 17% discount, 7th Inspection 20% discount
  • Fully qualified professional inspectors for a comprehensive report on your vehicle
  • No risk – pay only when the inspection is completed. We reserve your payment when you make a booking
  • Find out inspection early results while the inspector is filling out the report it’s a Sneak-peak of the inspection process while the inspector is capturing the vehicle’s condition get a sense of the condition of the vehicle before the inspection is fully complete
  • Resolution centre to quickly resolve any queries

The Points

Looking at the packages in more depth, each service has its own individual list of points that demonstrate what is inspected in the service. These need careful consideration when deciding what package to choose, but these services can be interpreted differently, so do take the time to review them carefully.


DEKRAs vehicle inspections initially do appear to cover more bases than those of CarExamer for the initial package, however, this isn’t entirely accurate depending on the depth the inspections go to. The number of points checked per inspection are:

  • Peace of Mind Inspection – 155
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection – 202
  • High Performance Vehicle Inspection – 230


The inspections from CarExamer cover more bases aside from the point mentioned above. The premium service in particular covers over 300 different areas which is a huge number and one of the most thorough inspections on the entire market too.

  • Engineers report – situation based
  • Basic – 100+
  • Standard – 200+
  • Premium – 300+

The Road Tests

As well as the static inspection areas that are essential to carry out as they show a huge amount of information about a vehicle, there is another huge part of inspections to remember too. This is where the road tests come into play. A lot of the issues that can occur with a  vehicle will be most apparent when the vehicle is in use and actually on the road. This is why all good car inspections will come with a road test, and allow a much more thorough picture to be painted with all of the information necessary.

Here’s how the two compare:


DEKRA’s vehicle inspections have relatively small road tests in comparison to most others on the market, including CarExamer. The lowest package, peace of mind, offers a modest 5 mile vehicle inspection road test. This is not a large distance at all and will likely be completed in just a few minutes, and that will be ever quicker if the inspection is on a major road or somewhere with a speed limit over 40. 

The other two packages available have instead a 10 mile road test distance while is of course much longer, but for inspections that are as in-depth as these are intended, this still isn’t the largest of lengths.


CarExamer has more thorough road tests in this sense, and even the minimum packages have a 10 minute time to work with. That means that even with the low-cost inspections, there’s more care being taken and much more of a chance that any issues hidden away will really be noticed no matter what the car’s health.

The more detailed inspections in the CarExamer packages have an even larger 15-minute vehicle inspection, which is much more suitable to vehicles where the performance is going to be important. For mother value vehicles, this can be an essential in making sure you’re buying confidently.

The Prices

With everything in mind that we have already analysed, it’s also essential to compare the prices that the inspection services charge. For many people, the cost and money saving elements offered are what inspections are all about in the first place. Without a thorough pricing comparison, this isn’t efficient, so always take notes on what it is that you are paying for.


Unlike most inspection services on the market, DEKRA’s model actually means that the price changes depending on the vehicle you have. There are different charges for each inspection, and within each inspection, the engine size of said vehicle affects the prices further. This also applies the limitations mentioned with the packages earlier, so remember that for cars older than 10 years, the Peace of Mind Inspection is not available.

  • Peace of Mind Inspection: 
  • Under 1000cc: £99
  • 1001cc – 1800cc: £125
  • 1801cc – 2500cc: £145
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
  • 1400cc & under: £169
  • 1401cc – 2000cc: £182
  • 2001cc – 2500cc: £182
  • over 2500cc:  £275
  • 4×4 2001cc – 2500cc: £279
  • 4×4 over 2500cc: £279
  • High Performance Vehicle Inspection
  • 2000cc & under: £205
  • 2001cc – 3000cc: £295
  • Over 3000cc: £390


CarExamer’s prices are typically much lower than those that we have seen from DEKRA. The inspection packages are a lower cost from the start, and with the additional budget package offered, there is almost no room for competition in the costing.

The prices and packages are:

The lower prices of the packages against the extras provided in the service like unlimited vehicle images as required, an online account to view your inspection update sin real-time, free cancellations and multi-buy discounts all work together to give the best possible value for money from one of the only specialist inspection services that are on the market. That works even better still when it comes down to things like inspecting multiple vehicles, such as when making a decision from the cars that have made the cut in your search. The discount can be a real saver.

The Weigh Up

With all of the information that we have looked at in mind, both of these services are great for what they do. An inspection is always going to be the ultimate way to give you the most confidence and safety when it comes to buying a car.

The services provided by CarExamer remain unrivalled in terms of value for money, with more packages available with more thorough testing for a lower price, but both services are still able to get the job done and help you on your way to having a solid reliable car and all of the facts you need to go along with it.

As a brand, CarExamer prides itself on customer relationships. We are built around our values of always putting service and customer satisfaction above all else, and this will always be the biggest priority for CarExamer. We will always be more than happy to help you with any query you might have, no matter what it is or why.

The entire basis of a vehicle inspection is that you’re using an expert to help you find out more about your vehicle, and we always go the extra mile to make that happens as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today to talk about your inspection needs. We’re always happy to help

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