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When buying a used car of any level, there are risks to you

When buying a used car of any level, there are risks to you and your wallet, as well as of course your safety too. When that car is a supercar like a Lamborghini, that is just as applicable here as it is with any other car. The only difference is that if there is a problem, the repair bill is a little heftier.

A recent CarExamer client proved this themselves, after finding a fault with their newly bought Lamborghini sold by a car dealer based in Leeds. They had an inspection done on the vehicle where CarExamer founder Klavs was able to observe the fault himself, which was met only by the dealer offering to fix the repair for tens of thousands of pounds after trying to pressure the buyer into paying themselves, as well as trying to pass off our inspection as invalid.

This is how it all happened:

The problems The new owner of the Lamborghini first noticed a problem where there was a knocking, clanking sound when going over speedbumps. This noise was clearly coming from the front suspension, as was identified by Carexamer’s inspection, and became a huge bugbear for the driver during their driving around London. On top of this too, the airbag light then also became lit and stayed that was permanent. Not only is this potentially hazardous to the safety of the driver and their passenger should anything be wrong, but it’s also massively annoying, beeping every 5-10 minutes while driving the car. Neither of these is an acceptable problem to have.

The Blame Game:

Like many used car purchases that go wrong, the next thing that followed from these problems occurring to the massively prestigious supercar was the blame game. The client called to car dealer in Leeds and told them, and said they’re also not happy with the front suspension as it makes a noise going over every speedbump.
Instead of the dealer doing the right thing and acknowledging these faults as faults of the car at purchase, however, they instead decided to not acknowledge the issues as their fault at all. They instead quoted the client a staggering £30k to replace the whole suspension system, as their idea of a solution to fix the problem. After back and forth with the client, this then became a £16k quote for just the faulty parts of the suspension instead of the whole thing, but even this is far from the correct way to handle this situation, and instead, it was time to get advice from the source themselves.

The Resolution:

At this point, to get to the root of the issue and hopefully help the client prove that their inspection was correct and that the fault is not their own, they turned to HR Owen and through them, Lamborghini themselves. Lamborghini will pay to collect and drop back off under the Lambo warranty that comes with the car should anything be wrong that isn’t the fault of the driver which would be the ideal situation here since the dealer (who could have done this for the client just as quickly) was not interested. Lamborghini obliged and collected the next day, where I explained the seat rattle which happened after the tracking system was added by car dealer in Leeds, and I explained about the front suspension and the airbag light. Lamborghini called, video the problem area, acknowledged the noise from the suspension, and the suspension arm (strut) has been inspected. Even though no problem can be seen, it could easily be heard and was therefore immediately acknowledged by the brand themselves. Lamborghini agreed and replaced the suspension struts for the buyer, as well as addressing the other issues that were with the vehicle. When all was said and done, it became clear that the Leeds seller was not forthcoming with the client, and to protect their own back, they simply discredited everyone involved, including CarExamer too. Klavs was right all along when he inspected, even when the Leeds guys said nothing was wrong and pressured the buyer to move on as well as stating that Klavs was not qualified to even diagnose the car in the first place. It all goes to show just how risky car buying can be at every single level, and that it’s always better to get a second opinion before committing to something that can cost thousands if you don’t. Book inspection now.

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