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Unveiling the Top Used Car Selling Regions: Q3 2023 Insights

In this article, we explore the Top Used Car Selling Regions in Q3 2023 based on the number of used car transactions. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, understanding regional trends in used car sales becomes crucial for both buyers and sellers. The third quarter of 2023 brought notable insights into the top-selling regions for used cars, with specific areas standing out for their robust transaction numbers.

1. South East: Driving the Market with 282,598 Transactions

The South East emerged as the powerhouse of used car sales in Q3 2023, boasting an impressive 282,598 transactions. With its diverse population and economic vitality, this region has consistently been a leader in the automotive market.

2. North West: A Strong Second with 200,107 Transactions

The North West claimed the second spot in the rankings, showcasing a robust used car market with 200,107 transactions. This region’s automotive sector has evidently been thriving, making it a key player in the national landscape.

3. West Midlands: Impressive Performance with 187,543 Transactions

The West Midlands secured the third position, reporting 187,543 used car transactions in Q3 2023. The region’s strategic location and economic activity have contributed to its significant presence in the used car marketplace.

4. East: Strong Presence with 180,963 Transactions

The East region demonstrated a strong presence in the used car market, recording 180,963 transactions during the third quarter. Its diverse economic sectors and population centers have made it a notable player in the automotive landscape.

5. London: Metropolitan Demand with 173,055 Transactions

As the bustling metropolis of the UK, London held the fifth position with 173,055 used car transactions. Despite its urban challenges, the demand for used cars in the capital remains substantial, reflecting the diverse needs of its residents.

6. South West: Coastal Excellence with 172,264 Transactions

The South West, known for its scenic coastal landscapes, secured the sixth spot with 172,264 transactions. The region’s mix of urban and rural areas contributes to a varied demand for used cars.

7. Yorkshire and Humberside: Solid Performance with 159,717 Transactions

Yorkshire and Humberside reported a solid performance in Q3 2023, recording 159,717 used car transactions. This region’s economic resilience and vibrant communities have fostered a steady market for pre-owned vehicles.

8. Scotland: Northern Enthusiasm with 150,938 Transactions

Scotland showcased northern enthusiasm for used cars, securing the eighth position with 150,938 transactions. The diverse landscapes and unique automotive preferences in Scotland contribute to its distinct presence in the market.

9. East Midlands: Robust Activity with 145,369 Transactions

The East Midlands displayed robust activity in the used car market, claiming the ninth spot with 145,369 transactions. The region’s strategic location and economic diversity have fueled demand for a variety of used vehicles.

10. Wales: Closing the List with 95,058 Transactions

Wales rounded out the top 10 with 95,058 used car transactions, reflecting its unique automotive market characteristics. The region’s mix of urban and rural landscapes influences the preferences and needs of its used car buyers. Check most sold car colours.


The third quarter of 2023 unveiled a diverse landscape of used car transactions across the UK, with the South East leading the charts. Each region’s economic activities, population dynamics, and geographical features contribute to its distinctive position in the rankings. As the automotive market continues to evolve, understanding regional trends remains vital for industry stakeholders, offering insights into consumer preferences and market dynamics. According no smmt data.

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