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The Best Cars for Tall People (2022 Edition)

Driving as a tall pearson has its fair share of challenges. Even what seems to look like the roomiest of cars can have seats higher than expected and next to no headroom as a result. Luckily, these 10 vehicles break the mould. They’re all great examples of the best cars for tall people on the market at the moment. No matter what type of sized vehicle you’re looking for, they’re a great candidate.

Audi Q7

The Audi Q7 is the largest of the Audi models with almost 300 cubic litres of cargo space. It is one of the larger vehicles on the road at the moment, and a by-product of that is of course a huge amount of headroom available for the driver and the passengers alike. That’s even better for more multiple tall members of the family. As one of the most famous and highly regarded brands on the market, it also comes with the performance and luxuries that you would expect, as well as reliability. see also 10 best suv’s.

VolksWagen Tiguan

Pretty much every single VW in the range at the moment could be argued as the best cars for tall people. A Tiguan is just another example of this, taking effectively the same shape as the VW Golf, but all the while in a much larger and off-road style vehicle. It has great reviews in practically every setting and truly is an asset to the brand, and for tall people friendly vehicles.

Ford Kuga

The Ford Kuga is one of the brands largest vehicles along with the Ranger and Galaxy, and being an SUV, it’s another prime example of a roomy driver seat with ample head and legroom to fit even the tallest of drivers with ease. The latest model update in 2021 too also means that it is more luxurious than many other vehicles in the class, which is just another added bonus.

Mercedes E Class

The Mercedez Benz E Class is one of the largest saloon models on the road at the moment, as well as being one of the most highly regarded. It exudes quiet luxury as many members of the Mercedes family does, and that includes the interior and the amount of space available too. Although it isn’t the highest performer on the list of spacious saloons, it still more than holds its own in any performance test, so don’t think you may be compromising on drivability for luxury either.

Audi A5

Looking back to Audi, the A5 is a true class of the German car market in the UK and is a real staple of saloon cars in general. Offering effortless luxury and performance all in one package without any overstatement, the A5 is enjoyable to drive in every way, including making sure that there is enough room for the tallest of drivers as well as their passengers, without the extensive prices that come into play when looking at the higher models like the A6, A7 or A8.

Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb is one of the most spacious vehicles of the Skoda brand on the market. It has actually won awards for being one of the best family cars in the UK because of how spacious and practical it is in every aspect of its design. That of course includes the amount of head and legroom available. With such an affordable price too compared to other German vehicles in the comparison, it’s certainly something to think about.

VolksWagen Polo

The Volks Wagen Polo is a deceptively great choice of vehicle for tall people, and one of the best cars in its price range, despite it being a seemingly small and compact machine. With over 1000mm of headroom, it provides ample capacity for any size driver, as well as of course being hailed as one of the most popular and reliable cars in the UK. Along with its wide range of comforts and tech on board, it really is a great option.

Nissan Note

Although largely considered to be a car that is even smaller than the Polo is, the Nissan note is yet another surprising well-fitting candidate for any taller person to dive around. The squarish shape of the vehicle creates a naturally well-fitting space for taller drivers to have ample headspace, which is exactly what is needed in the vast majority of smaller cars. It also makes it much easier to get inside and outside of the vehicle due to the shape of the doors, which is equally important from a smaller vehicle.

Seat Leon

Yet another of the hatchback cars that is one of the best for tall drivers, the Seat Leon is great. This vehicle actually has more headspace than the Audi Q7, even despite, of course, being a much smaller vehicle. It also comes equipped with a host of different features inside as standard, making a great purchase all-round. That includes a great engine, parking sensors, sat-nav, LEDs, and multiple other features you’re likely looking for, all at a great price.

Suzuki Ignis

The Suzuki Ignis is the smallest car on the list. Classed as a subcompact vehicle, it’s actually surprising in relation to the internal space that it has to offer. Just like the Note, the vehicles tall and squared shape makes it an ideal setup for ample headroom despite diminished interior space. Even this however is deceptively large too, putting it almost in the same league as the Leon, but at one of the most affordable prices on the list. It’s incredible value for money and certainly one of the most affordable vehicles on the whole list. See how to understand UK number plates.

As with any car search, no matter which of these great candidates you go for, always make sure that you buy with care. Take every safety measure that you can, from checking the car over yourself and researching the seller, through to professional and secure vehicle inspection services like CarExamer.

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