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National Vehicle Inspections Across the Whole UK

In this article let have a look how you can book national vehicle inspections across the whole UK from simple online platform. Our vetted, insured inspectors can get to you no matter where you are through the use of our handy booking system, and with our online customer portal where you can log in to see everything you need to know about your inspection, it’s easier than ever to work with us. CarExamer is one of the UK’s leading national vehicle inspection services. With a huge number of inspectors working for the brand allowing their reach to span the entire length of the nation. Their unique business structure, operational model, and sheer determination allow them to operate in such a huge area, and with the most recent expansion, it now spans everywhere from lands end to Scotland and even the isle of white.

How We Can Be So Efficient

The main reason that CarExamer is able to provide vehicle inspections nationally is that our inspects are world-class. Our vetting process and the training that we provide ensures that the teams that we work with across the UK are second to none anywhere else in the world.

One of the main results of that aside from the incredible quality of work is that we’re able to make our time go much further. We can incorporate travel time into the calendars of the inspectors that work with us, and the end result as well as having an amazing company to work with is that we’re able to reach pretty much anywhere, anytime. You can even book an appointment in under 48 hours for the majority of the Mainland UK

How the Business Works

The business model behind CarExamer is one of the biggest assets to the entire organisation. Our coverage policies for the UK, appealing working conditions, and partnership programs mean that alongside our own staff, we also work with 3rd party inspectors who are looking for an organisation to work alongside can find the work that they need and the levels they want, however, and whenever they like.

We provide a service that helps our inspectors just as much as our customers all in the name of making a positive impact on the country we work in. Our ethic has always been to help people, and that is the bottom line of everything we do.

The Key Takeaway

The driving force behind the CarExamer brand that allows the business to be a national vehicle inspection service all comes from the very man that started it all. Klavs will make sure that no customer is without service anywhere in the UK. Where any of our inspectors can’t make it or unavailable at that time, he steps up to the mark and delivers the quality inspection needed all on his own, traveling countless miles a day to be able to do it. It’s all in days work for the CarExamer team. No matter where you need a car inspection, call the CarExamer team today.

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