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Fuel Economy and Why it Matters

Fuel economy is what you get out of the fuel you put in your car, and it’s a lot more important than you might think! Learn about it here! Cars are made up of a lot of different building blocks, and most of them sadly aren’t an option. These are all of the things that go into what it costs to run and keep a car, as we know, and one of the biggest of them is fuel. It’s the fundamental of what makes a car what it is, and without it, you’re not going anywhere any time soon. To get the most out of what you put in, however, you need to really get what fuel economy is all about, and how it affects you and how it affects your car too. 

What is Fuel Economy

Starting with the basics, we need to look at what fuel economy actually is. Fuel economy is essentially how much you get out of what you put in. Even more simple than that, it’s all about how many miles you can get out of a tank of fuel. There are tonnes of different things that affect it like speed, distance, fuel type, driving style, weight… the list is endless. Pretty much everything you do has a big hit.

It all comes down to how much work your engine has to do. The bigger your car is and the higher the revs are, the more fuel your car is going to burn. It makes sense. A bigger engine needs more fuel, and so a does a harder working engine that comes from a lot of fuel. Fuel economy is how far your fuel takes you quite literally, and what it costs to fuel your car. Premium fuel guide.

How do you Improve it

So if it’s such a big deal, it’s probably a good idea to learn about how you can improve it. We looked at what goes into making it what it is, but to improve it, you need to take that a step further still. You need to really look at the factors that go into it on a deeper level, and see how you affect each one of them personally. Your driving habits, your journeys, they all make one big picture.

The easiest ways to improve your fuel economy is by driving smoothly. Don’t over accelerate, don’t speed, keep your car light, use the right gears, and even use better fuel. Diesel, for example, costs more but you use less often making it cheaper for long journeys, and petrol can cost a fortune depending on your car. Take things easy when you are behind the wheel so that your car doesn’t have to work as hard to run normally. That’s the easiest way to do it.

Does it Matter that much?

A lot of the time, since there are that many different things that go into making your fuel economy what it is, it can seem a little confusing to manage it in the best way. Surely if there are so many components, you can’t have much control? It’s just not the case, and it all has a huge impact on things outside of your fuel too.

Fuel is one of the biggest factors about what buying a car costs, and it affects other things too. Better fuel economy for a start means you spend less money on fuel, but it’s nicer to the environment too as a result of that. Even on top of that, fuel economy can affect your tax as well. If your car is super economical, it’ll probably have a low tax price as a result. That alone is a big factor for many of us, and it all adds up in the grand scheme of things.


To sum up, in order for you to get the best fuel economy that you can, you need to be the best driver that you can, and to do that, you need the car to match. Take a look at what your car is going to have to do, and pick one that’s suited to it. A 1L city car won’t do you much good for your 40-mile motorway commute, and a 2L turbo beast won’t help your city driving stuck in traffic. Pick a car to suit what you need it to do, drive well, and your fuel economy should be the best that it can be. Always think long term and your wallet will thank you as well as your car.

To work out what your fuel economy looks like already, here’s a cool tool to use to work it out too. Thank us later!

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