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Diesel Emissions Claims What You Need to Know

This article will explore what diesel emissions claims are, why they matter, and how you can pursue compensation if you believe your vehicle is affected. In recent years, diesel emissions claims have become a significant topic in the automotive industry. With millions of vehicles affected worldwide, understanding the implications and how to make a claim is crucial for diesel car owners.

What Are Diesel Emissions Claims?

Diesel emissions claims arise when car manufacturers are found to have installed software in their vehicles that manipulates emission levels during testing. This software, often referred to as a “defeat device,” allows vehicles to pass stringent emission tests while emitting higher levels of pollutants during regular driving conditions. The discovery of such practices led to numerous legal actions and compensation claims from affected car owners.

Why Do Diesel Emissions Claims Matter?

  1. Environmental Impact: Vehicles with defeat devices emit more nitrogen oxides (NOx), which contribute to air pollution and have adverse effects on human health and the environment.
  2. Consumer Deception: Car buyers were misled into purchasing vehicles under the false impression that they were environmentally friendly and compliant with emission standards.
  3. Resale Value: Affected vehicles often suffer a decrease in resale value once the presence of a defeat device becomes public knowledge.
  4. Legal and Financial Repercussions: Manufacturers found guilty of using defeat devices face significant fines, legal fees, and the cost of compensating affected consumers.

Who Can Make a Diesel Emissions Claim?

If you own or lease a diesel vehicle from a manufacturer implicated in the emissions scandal, you may be eligible to make a claim. Eligible vehicles typically include those sold between specific years when the defeat devices were in use. It’s essential to check if your car model and year fall within the affected range.

How to Make a Diesel Emissions Claim

  1. Verify Your Eligibility: Check if your vehicle is part of the affected models. This information is usually available on official websites or through consumer rights organizations.
  2. Gather Documentation: Collect all relevant documents, including your vehicle’s registration, purchase agreement, and any communication from the manufacturer regarding the emissions issue.
  3. Contact a Legal Expert: Engage with a law firm or legal service specializing in diesel emissions claims. They can provide guidance on the strength of your case and the potential compensation.
  4. File the Claim: Your legal representative will help you file the claim, presenting all necessary evidence and documentation to support your case.
  5. Await the Outcome: Legal proceedings can take time. Your lawyer will keep you informed about the progress and any required actions from your side.

Potential Compensation

The compensation for a successful diesel emissions claim can vary. It may include:

  • Financial Compensation: Covering the reduced resale value of your vehicle, increased fuel costs, and any other financial losses incurred.
  • Vehicle Repairs or Modifications: Some manufacturers may offer to fix the emission system of your vehicle to comply with environmental standards.
  • Legal Costs: In some cases, the manufacturer may be required to cover your legal fees.


Diesel emissions claims are a vital mechanism for holding car manufacturers accountable for misleading practices and ensuring consumers are compensated for any financial and environmental harm caused. If you believe your vehicle is affected, taking action to make a claim can help you recover your losses and contribute to broader efforts in promoting corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability.

For the latest updates on diesel emissions claims and to check your eligibility, consult with legal experts or visit trusted consumer rights websites. Taking proactive steps can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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