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DeFleet Services: Getting Money Back

Defleet services are an effective way to capitalise your assets and maximise your profits on your fleet or business cars in one transaction. Driving is a huge part of business, no matter how you look at things. It could be getting your employees to work, driving to meetings, transporting goods, people, delivering services, or anything in between. That’s where fleets can come into a league of their own for maximising profits and efficiency at the same time. When the time comes to offload the fleet, whether that’s to upgrade, downgrade, or just a change of pace you need to be looking at defleet services and how it will work for you.

What is Defleeting

To get to grips with the whole concept of defleeting, you first need to really understand what it is from the broadest possible level, and what goes into making the service. If you have a fleet, no matter how large, it can be hard to manage, that much is obvious, the more cars you have, the more time, effort and money it will take to maintain it all. Even with the best management, things fall through the cracks.

Defleeting means that all of that isn’t a big issue for the business at hand. Getting a professional service involved to take these vehicles off your hands does the work for you. Professionals take a look at every single necessary detail of your car so that you don’t have to. That consists of more things than you may well expect too, with the biggest of which being inspections, services and repairs that are needed.


Getting a vehicle inspection for your business vehicle is the best way to make sure you know the situation perfectly. You can get insight into every single nook and cranny of your vehicles to make sure you know what is going to be the best. It’s hard to make decisions without the information to go behind them, and this is the best way to get it.


After your defleeting service inspects your vehicles, the major, essential and logical repairs are made. Anything that is essential or cost-effective can be done to the fleet to make sure it’s in the state that you need it to be in, no matter what the reason behind it is, all on a mass level.


Lastly, servicing is always an option too. There’s no better way to go the extra mile and take your cars to their peak than getting servicing for your whole fleet. Every car is put into it’s prime ready and waiting to do what’s best for the next steps of your business.

Benefits of Defleeting Services

Knowing what goes into defleeting is one thing, but there’s another side to the coin that needs to be addressed as well as all of that. We need to look at what that is going to do for you and your business, and what makes it such an essential service for you to get in the first place. There has to be a reason for so much work involved, after all, even passed what you might already have in mind.

Maximise Profits for the Business

The biggest benefit of defleeting your business is that you’ll get the cars in the best shape they can be in, helping them to get the largest possible turnaround, generating the most revenue and helping to maximise the overall profits of the business by not having to let them go for less than you need to.

Afford a Better new fleet

Another benefit of saving all that cash with just a touch of professional defleeting? More money for the next one. If your business is defleeting, it’s always worth using the opportunity to make a bigger, stronger fleet ready to take your business to the next level. This is just another way to help make sure that that is going to happen. You’re ensuring you have the largest possible budget for the next wave of business vehicles ready to help you make even more money still.

Safety and Liability

Lastly, it’s also a seal of approval that always helps you in business. The worst thing for profit-driving is nasty surprises and bad practise and this is the best way to make sure that you have both. A professional defleet is one of the best ways to make sure the cars you’re getting rid of are the best, most reliable and most profitable machines they can be. That says both good things about your business as you’re able to take care of your assets as well as making sure the buyer of your fleet is able to appreciate your business too. Good relationships are never a bad thing to have, especially on such a high-level practicality.


Ultimately, defleeting can be one of the best decisions you can make as a business if you can completely understand it. It minimises any losses that are bound to come from such depreciative assets and makes sure that money is staying in important places like with the people and assets within it.

It’s also one of the biggest steps you could ever take in making sure your business is ready for the future. The business climate and the markets within it are constantly growing and evolving. Making sure you have the best tools for the job by tactically removing the old ones can be a truly invaluable thing.

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