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Can I Ship A Car From the USA To the UK?

In this article we will look in to if you can ship a car from the USA to the UK. The answer is yes! But how can you safely and responsibly ship a vehicle? Today we’re going to answer that and more below. Let’s get started. Read about buying import cars.

How to Ship a Car from the USA to the UK

1. Hire a car transportation service

The best way to ship a car US to the UK is with a licensed and legitimate car transportation service. There are many services available that offer this type of shipping, but not all car transport services are created equal.

It’s important to protect yourself from shady companies that may not have your best interest in mind. That being said, it’s often said that many car transport services don’t operate honestly, but you can go the extra length to verify if the company is legitimate or not.

Start by checking the FMCSA and the DOT to ensure that the company is licensed and operating legally. Then check the online reviews and even do searches in Google with the word “Scam” after the company name, to check what people are saying online about them.

Also, decide if you want to go with open or enclosed transportation. If you don’t mind your vehicle sitting in the sun on the top of a boat for many days, then go with open shipping for a lower cost. If your vehicle is valuable to you, then go with enclosed trailers for optimal shipping.

Always ensure that you’re aware that bait and switch tactics are often used by dishonest car transport companies, so ask for a full quote before signing off any paperwork. Once you’ve picked a great car shipping service, all that’s left to do is prepare your vehicle for transport.

2. Prepare the vehicle for transport

Prepare your vehicle for shipping by cleaning the outside first. This is so you can document the shape your vehicle was in before handing it off to the transport company. You’ll want to take photos before you send your vehicle away, so you have evidence of the shape your vehicle was in before handing it off.

The next step is to remove any loose objects on the inside and outside. Take off any accessories like roof boxes, wheels on the outside, or any other accessories that can fly around during shipment.

Take all of your valuables as well considering the inside of the vehicle is not going to be insured. Also, it’s important to ask your transportation company how much gas you need to leave in the car. Normally you’ll need to leave the tank at 1/4th of its capacity for shipment.

You may also be asked to fill out a few documents, so it’s a good time to ask for a copy if you are instructed to do so for safekeeping.

3. Handoff your vehicle

The next step is to hand off your vehicle to the delivery driver. On arrival, they will check your vehicle for any pre-existing damage. Always ask to see what they’ve written, so you’re on the same page as the condition of the car.

You don’t want any discrepancies later on if you need to make a claim. If you don’t agree with their inspection, you can ask them to do another or simply look for another transportation company that isn’t going to try and deceive you.

4. Pick up the vehicle at your desired location

The last step is to pick up your vehicle at the destination. If it’s someone else picking up the vehicle, instruct them on where to meet the driver. You can also keep your vehicle in storage, offered by most transport companies, if you’re going to make a late arrival.

Remember that vehicles are often transported over a range of days, considering it takes so long to travel via boat for international shipping. If you need the vehicle on a certain day, then it’s best to ship the vehicle ahead of time to avoid any delay.

If there was any damage to the vehicle, then report it immediately. You don’t want to wait until the last minute or let the driver sign off that the vehicle was left in pristine condition.


Shipping a car from the USA to the UK is not only feasible but when approached responsibly, can be a smooth process. By selecting a legitimate car transportation service, ensuring the vehicle is properly prepared for shipping, and understanding the handoff and pickup procedures, one can ensure that their vehicle arrives safely at its destination.

Just as with any major service, due diligence is essential to protect oneself from potential pitfalls. Knowledge and thorough preparation are the key factors in making international car shipping a hassle-free experience.

Remember to always prioritize the safety and security of your vehicle and ensure clear communication with your chosen transport company throughout the process.

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