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9 Tips on How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Car insurance is a tough one to argue with. It’s something that we all need to be able to drive legally, and it has a massive impact on your legality, safety and cover, too. Choosing the right kind of insurance is hard enough but finding the right price for said cover is even harder still, and that’s why so many of us look how to get cheaper car insurance every single year too. Some ways are more obvious than others, but they all play their part. That’s where we come in.

We’ve compiled some of the biggest money-saving tips out there to make your money go further no matter what you’re looking for cover for, and this is the best way to use them. Guide how to select insurance.

Leave Your Car Somewhere Safe

One of the most important things that affect your insurance more than anything is where it is that you leave it. No matter which insurance provider you go to get a quote from, they will always want to know where it is that you’re keeping your vehicle. That goes for day and night too.

Your car is at a huge risk of theft, vandalism or break-ins, and that has a massive impact on how much your car is worth to insure. The safer the location it’s left in, the cheaper your insurance will be. It makes sense, and for that matter, postcodes matter too. How to cancel insurance after selling a car.

The best places look like:

  • Garages
  • Driveways
  • Secure Car Parks
  • Office Car Parks

The worst places:

  • On-street
  • Ten foots/alleyways
  • Areas with a higher crime rate

Add a Named Driver

Another great way on how to make your car insurance cheaper is to add a named driver to the policy. Ideally, that is going to be someone with more driving experience and a cleaner record than yourself. Again, it does make total sense since to insurers, that says that the less experienced driver is using the car less than they could be due to the named driver having access.

An ideal named driver will:

  • Be aged 25+
  • Have a stable income
  • No claims bonus approved
  • Have a clean driving record

Lower Your Mileage

A lower annual mileage always says one thing to insurers, and that’s that you won’t be spending much of your time on the road. As a result, that means that you have much less time to be involved in an accident or collision that they’ll have to pay out to repair. That’s always going to be in your favour for city driving and will really have a big impact on your driving. Really take the time to think about this one.

A vital note to take about mileage though despite how much money it can save though is that it’s something you still can’t lie about. Companies do have the power to check your mileage. It’s taken every time you get an MOT and when you enter it online too, so there are ways to track it. If you go over your mileage, they can very much void your policy. Don’t risk it.

Pay Annually

One thing that more and more of us are doing in modern life at the moment is paying for things monthly. Whether that comes from memberships or subscription services, direct debits, car finance payments, or even car insurance, it’s a great chance for people to earn a stable income.

What’s even more intensive for these kinds of deals is that although they become more manageable for you, they’re also an opportunity for more interest to charge you for the privilege. As a result, you’re looking at paying a staggering 20% more than you would usually, and that’s putting it gently.

Shop Around

One of the much more commonly talked about ways to get cheaper car insurance comes from shopping around. It’s far too easy to stick with what you already have in life today. When you’re talking about renewing car insurance that almost always means a bill that isn’t; as low or competitive it could or should be. The result You’re wasting money just by taking the easy route.

Whether you’re going direct to companies to see if they can offer you the best quote or using comparison sites like we see advertised daily, they all have different ways to help you get more for your money. In a lot of cases too, they also come with other incentives, schemes and rewards as well. Always shop around, your quote will never get worse for doing it.

Increase Excess

If the worst does ever happen when you’re driving, it’s usually your insurance company that is responsible for putting things right. That is exactly the reason that increasing your excess is one of the most effective ways to get a cheaper premium all in all. It means that there much less of a chance that it’s them laying out any money since you’re volunteering your own. More safety for them means less risk and therefore they can insure you for much cheaper. Remember though, you’re liable to pay a lot more than you may think f things go wrong. Think long term.

Time it right

Surprisingly, one huge way to get a cheaper insurance deal is actually to get it at the right time. That’s right, getting your insurance at the perfect moment can actually go a seriously long way in getting you more for your money. It really works.

Specifically, you need to be looking a getting your quotes between 26 and 20 days before you need the cover to start. It’s said to be because this says a lot about the driver’s nature and how careful they must be, but in reality, it just tends to be a factor worth considering

(see here for more)

Get Multi-car

If you’ve tried all the rest or even if it’s not really applicable to you and you’re still just looking to maximise your money and get the best deal you can, another way to go about it is with a multicar or a bundle deal. If insurance companies are making more money by having more cars under their umbrella, then it makes perfect sense for them to give you an incentive to make that happen.

It’s like a loyalty scheme giving them an extra customer and can actually take a good percentage off of your premiums. Look into it if you have multiple vehicles at home.

Get a Black box

Lastly, there’ the black box. Even though most modifications make your insurance more costly, some do the opposite, too. Although one of the best examples of how to make your car insurance costs seriously cheaper, it’s also a constant watchful eye on your driving at all times. You may even get regular calls to check up on potential bad driving which can affect your premiums negatively if you’re reckless. If it works for you and you’re a safe driver, they can be great, but always remember the impact they have on your driving.

When push comes to shove, all insurance providers will have something different to offer you and every place they offer you it will have its own impact on their price. Check everywhere that you can to get the best deal you can. That’s all there is to it.

For the most part, a lot of this is non negotiable stuff. You always have to declare everything that you need to make sure that your policy is valid, but some of these can still be great little extras you might not have thought of. Good luck!

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