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The 10 Most Reliable Used Cars in 2022 (2016-2020)

Reliability is one of the most important things buyers look for when buying a vehicle, which is precisely why we’ve combined all of our skills, experience and online resources to put together this simple guide of the 10 most reliable used cars that you’ll find for sale in 2022. We’ve combined our own data as well as that of the likes of WhatCar, WarrantyWise and more all to give you the best information possible.

Of course, any car can be a used car once it has been owned, even with just a few miles on the clock. Likewise, even what was once the most reliable car in the world will start having its fair share of problems once the years or the mileage get high enough too. That’s why to make this fair, we’re looking specifically at cars made between 2016-2020. This 5 year window is the ideal used car gap, highlighting the best of what’s on the market without paying hard to swallow prices. See also best suv’s.

1 Toyota Rav 4 – From £16,000

The Toyota Rav4 is actually rated the joint highest scoring reliable car rated by WhatCar as of the latest scoring in 2022. As one of the most famous models of the brand, it is renowned for being a powerful yet still comfortable practical machine that is pretty much ideal for any style of driver and in any citation. Now commonly seen as a hybrid, it’s also a relatively cheap runner too, making it even better as a reliable used car.

2 Toyota Yaris – From £7,500

The Toyota Yaris is another highly regarded vehicle from the Toyota family. Of course much smaller, it is one of the most highly rated small cars on the market in terms of reliability and also one of the best selling too. Despite its lack of power as a smaller car, its efficiency knows no bounds as it provides the forefront of features and technology even in the most basic of its models, all with that sleek and futuristic Toyota design.

3 Lexus RX – From £31,000

The Lexus RX is one of the most luxurious vehicles on the list, as well as being one of the most reliable used cars on the market even despite all of its lavish features and added technologies on board. It is one of the first hybrid SUVs to exist and therefore tends to be the most advanced and most reliable in terms of the technology used inside even some of the older used models, making it an all round great for the used market.

4 Alfa Romeo Giulietta – From £9,000

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta seems to be making itself more and more popular as the years go on in practically every different category of vehicle. From the simple performance reviews as one of the most popular and highly regarded hatchbacks of the last 10 years through to solid family cars and even here in just the generally most reliable used cars you can find, the Giulietta seems to just keep becoming more and more impressive. Offering a great performance in every aspect of driving, it really is hard to argue with.

5 BMW 3 Series – From £12,500

The BMW 3 Series is just an all round iconic vehicle, through and through. Being typically the most affordable BMW saloon available as wella s one of the most popular business cars too, it is a general high flyer. A result of that famous popularity and incredible engineering is also impeccable reliability, and providing the car has been well taken care of, it should certainly show its worth.

6 Skoda Superb – From £11,000

The Skoda Superb is a car that is truly underrated. It’s understated in almost all aspects, and yet all the while seems to vastly outperform most other vehicles in it;s class. What’s even better still is the incredible price point that the Skoda Superb comes in at, and that reflects directly into the used car market as well, often saving you thousands all in all.

7 Mazda 2 – From £8,000

The Mazda 2 is a simple, effective machine by a tried and tested brand. Although Mazda isn’t the first choice for many motorists in the used car market with not a huge number of them being seen in used markets, that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be. With a solid history of reliability as well as very few negative reviews online, the Mazda 2 is a great choice for those looking for a low cost and multi-purpose used car.

8 Nissan Leaf – From £11,000

As the only EV on the list, the Nissan Leaf really has a lot to say about Nissan and EVs in general. EV’s rapidly becoming the best cars in every category, including in reliability, and the Nissan Leaf is likely just the first of many we expect to see in these lists in the future with their popularity only growing as time goes on. Although it’s not the most exciting drive, it is still a highly efficient, comfortable and modern member of the most reliable used cars on the market.

9 Hyundai i10 – £7,000

The Hyundai i10 is a massively reliable low cost hatchback in the used car market at the moment, and it’s absolutely for the right reasons. Coming in all kinds of trims and even more colours, it’s a vibrant, fun and efficient city car that has enough space for 5 passengers as well as a full boot too. What’s even better still for the Hyundai i10 is that the parts are also low cost should anything happen to actually go wrong, which is something that is not as easily said for the others here.

10 Dacia Duster – From £7,000

Finally, we have the Dacia Duster. Although it isn’t as popular as the more famous, the older or the simply high spec brands or models on the list, the Dacia Duster is still rated as one of the most reliable used cars that you can buy at the moment. The main thing that the Duster does have to offer however on top[ of the reliability that comes with it is also the incredible value too. As one of the cheapest cars in the UK when buying new, especially for its size, as a used car the saving can be even more extreme and provide to be a truly exceptional long term buy. Don’t knock it until you have tried it. Is buying a ex rental a good idea.

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