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Elcometer 415T Paint Thickness Gauge

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Technical Specification

Model T
Part Number A415CFNFTI
Calibration Test Certificate
Built in probe type Ferrous / Non-Ferrous (FNF)
On screen statistics


Number of readings, n;

Average (mean), x;

Lowest reading, Lo

Highest reading, Hi

Live data output Bluetooth® & USB
Reading rate 60+ readings per minute
Accuracy1 ±1-3% or ±2.5μm (±0.1mil)
Measurement Range 0-1000μm / 0-40mils
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C / 14 to 122°F
Relative Humidity (RH) 0 to 95% (RH)
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries or via USB (rechargeable batteries can also be used)
Gauge Dimensions 14.1 x 7.30 x 3.70cm / 5.55 x 2.87 x 1.46” (h x w x d)
Gauge Weight 156g / 5.5oz (including batteries)
Packing List Elcometer 415 gauge, 2 x AA batteries, steel & aluminium check pieces*, foil set, wrist strap, impact resistant carry case,

screen protector†, calibration test certificate, operating instructions, USB cable†, ElcoMaster CD† & 2 year warranty extension card


1 When subject to a 2-point calibration: ±1% when calibrated close to the required thickness, ±3% across the range.

† Model T
* F models: steel check piece; FNF models: steel & aluminium check pieces


Standards in grey have been superseded but are still recognised in some industries.